Volvo spotting in Copenhagen - a non event

My son spent a month in Copenhagen last year but only spotted 2 volvos.
Being so close to Sweden, literally an hour's drive over the bridge to Malmo he was surprised how few Volvos he'd seen in Copenhagen. But the Danes hate the Swedes so it kind of makes sense I suppose.



  • He spotted this one too.
    The Danish lady who was inside it went loco at him for taking the photo.
    Maybe it was his black beard and backpack.
  • That V90 is so sexy.

    What the F is wrong with Volvo only bringing the XC variant here (and making the non XC Variant special order in North America)? If someone wants an XC they can and probably will opt for the XC40/60/90, wish Volvo would leave the god damn traditional wagon available in poverty pack and performance variants.
  • Tassie6erTassie6er (@Tassie6er) West Hobart, Tasmania
    @ToomanyVolvos agreed - I'm currently in Paris and the wagon's look great!
  • Another one. That makes 3
  • And a cute dac dac - love the racks

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