240 OD wires need reattaching.

I've searched here and elsewhere but can't find any info - probably user error.
I have an '85 240 with the 4 speed OD - recently the gear knob became loose and then came off in my hand. The OD wires have been disconnected from the switch in the knob and I have no idea how to reconnect them? The OD was working before the wires came off.
Also, when putting the knob back on, what's the recommended way of securing it? Some sort of silicone sealer?



  • The knob has a plastic insert that holds it on with the plastic button on top completing the package. If the insert is broken, you need a new knob or find a way to make a new insert. It sits under the big button and has a detent on it to stop the knob spinning.

    The OD switch wires are soldered on from memory, so if they’re off, time to dig out the soldering iron and solder.
  • I pulled the knob apart and see where the wires are supposed to go but they are not long enough to connect when the knob is off the stick. Doesn't look like they were soldered on.
    Way too many innuendo's here.
  • I would find the two wires under the carpet and extend them to the control panel (somewhere next to the hazard switch) and solder them to a "button type" switch (sold in Jacar). This saves you heaps on the knob. Hope this helps.
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