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I have snooped around on the forum before purchase, but thought I should join. Have just bought a T-5R here in Perth, I understand this might be an forum member's previous car.

Straight into the mechanics to get some minor gremlins sorted, then will start work on interior (headlining, front seats, a few other bits and pieces), but otherwise seems like a decent car.

A couple of photos as bought, happy to keep this updated as I go (and any hints on the interior work which I plan to do myself gratefully accepted!)





  • dmmDane (@dmm) Port Melbourne
    Welcome @Tristan

    Looks good. Judging from the plates I’m guessing its @markc88 ‘s first T-5R
  • A couple of update photos - not much has happened took it in to have a laundry list of minor mechanical gremlins sorted, have also taken the tow bar off.

    Next is to get onto the interior - new headliner, new front seat skins, fix the dash / airbag lump, and some other new trim pieces (sunvisor and console globes, door handle holders cracked etc.). New tinting all around, maybe not too dark.

    Then will make a start on some minor exterior things. Overall seems in good condition, maybe plastic bumper re-dye, trim piece for boot, left hand daytime running light / indicator has a crack. There is a minor wind whistle coming from the passenger front, I think it could be the window seal, so will trouble shoot that also.

    Lovely to drive, will go in for a few more things to get it back to 100%.





  • carnut222carnut222 (@carnut222) Daylesford VIC
    NICE! Love the yellow T5Rs. My partner’s brother owned one about 10-15 years ago in Perth. He bought it from a divorce settlement...I think he had it a few years then sold it back to the original owner after he got back on his feet. The only thing I remember negatively about the car was the clutch pedal was like a rock! I understand something in the clutch wears causing the high I assume it would have been fixable.
  • Small update:

    - decent wash, wax and detail - paint really is quite good. Might go in for paint correction but pretty good really.

    - replaced cracked turn signal (waiting on rear trunk garnish and some other bits)

    - redyed bumpers - the back was very faded and splotchy, sides a mixed bag, and the front was dyed black which looked odd. Cleaned down with light sandpaper and IPA, masked off and used Wurth plastic dye in anthracite (3x light coats, - went well on the black as well that surprises me) - let's see how long it lasts, i read good things and it is a proper dye rather than a temporary fix - but looks truer to original than the combo of faded grey and black. Yet to do door handles.




  • I used Wurth on mine it's great stuff and lasts years literally, just a pain to get off your hands, learnt to wear gloves quickly
  • I used Wurth on mine it's great stuff and lasts years literally, just a pain to get off your hands, learnt to wear gloves quickly

    Ah yes.. realised that half way in - my nails and fingers are an interesting colour today at work
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