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Bens brick- the 5th installment

pineappleben @pineapple Northern beaches NSW
I’ll try my best to keep this one longer than two months again,
Black interior
121000kms on the broken odo
Auto for now- it’s had a 740t box swapped in by lupica


Things I’ve done so far (main reason for this thread is so I can remember what I’ve done)
Clean out pcv
Clean iacv
Fix MAF bracket to engine bay

LHS rack end replaced
LHS tie rod end replaced
Repair LHS headlight

LHS indicator assembly repaired

LHS ball joint replaced

Along with this I so far have
Pre ‘90 manifold
Tb03 and 13c
Oem intercooler and piping
Xr6 blue injectors ordered
Waiting on a reply for fuel and ign ecus

Other things that need attention
Virgos in the garage to be painted and decent tyres mounted
Strut tops cracking- coilover time
Sparco sprint bucket seat to be fitted
Heat shield on N/A downpipe has broken off at the tack welds and is rattling, I’ll either cut it off or not bother if it’s turboed soon enough


  • pineappleben @pineapple Northern beaches NSW

    Coated last night with a dulux high heat enamel (should last up to 690 degrees)
  • pineappleben @pineapple Northern beaches NSW
    Progress has been slow with the long weekend and everything.
    Tomorrow I’ll be picking up a sunvisor and hopefully painting and mounting it if I’ve got free time.
    I made a decision and removed all the stickers including the banner that the PO put on.
    It’s time to order new brake pads too as they’re starting to squeal at me. Anyone have experience with EBC? Specifically their “yellowstuff” pads

  • I'm running ebc reds in the gt & can't fault them. Not managed to get any fade despite my best efforts, not much dust, quiet & good initial bite from cold.
  • pineappleben @pineapple Northern beaches NSW

    Visor is in primer to get an idea of the colour and mounted, I think I’ll keep it.
    Pulled the mig out and tacked back on the rattley heat shield on the exhaust
    I need to get the virgos on asap, sick of the gold steelies
  • Where did you get those steelies from? Did you paint them?
  • pineappleben @pineapple Northern beaches NSW
    Where did you get those steelies from? Did you paint them?

    They’re the stock ones, previous owner just spiced them up
  • pineappleben @pineapple Northern beaches NSW

    Progress has been slow, having a look at my last few updates the latest places I’ve funneled my money and fun things I’ve done are:
    Drivers side rack end joint
    Drivers side tie rod end joint
    Drivers side ball joint
    Virgos painted and new tyres mounted, went to pick up a set of ad08rs but they were unfortunately sold out from under me
    Removed gutter trim
    Nearly swapped for a clean ‘92 wagon that had a starting issue
    Lots of driving
    Had to do an on the fly alignment after overhauling the drivers side suspension bits as my “quick test run” turned into a mccarrs creek run with a decent amount of toe-out
  • pineappleben @pineapple Northern beaches NSW
    At this stage I’m not sure what to do next. Trans is slightly leaky, strut tops need attention in which I’ll probably upgrade to BCs and my turbo still sits in the living room
  • Ask thy holy redblock jezuz for guidance
  • Fire the parts cannon!
  • pineappleben @pineapple Northern beaches NSW
    Fire the parts cannon!

    That’s what I’m best at!
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