S90 What is this symbol in the dash?

Wife spotted it while driving one day - what's this icon symbol next to the 60? It's a red and black car symbol together.

For reference, this is a 2018 XC60 and I tried looking in all the manuals online. Thanks in advance for the help.



  • Do you have an owner's manual handbook?
  • Yes, it did not contain that symbol and I searched through all relevant sections that I could find
  • PaddlerEdPaddler Ed (@PaddlerEd) New England Region, NSW
    It's the European No Overtaking sign, so I suspect that section of road has solid white lines for your side of the road (either single or double)
  • Thanks. But it's stange it shows up when the car is stopped.
  • PaddlerEdPaddler Ed (@PaddlerEd) New England Region, NSW
    That section of road has double white lines or similar?
  • The cameras and software have misinterpreted a road sign so it will display that until it misinterprets something else and displays something else different :-)
    The cameras and software cant deal with a lot of Australian road signs
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