XC60 Oil type for the Volvo V8 motor

Just did oil change again after 6000km a8ndkppafa60a.jpg
nd was recommended the Nulon 5W-30 fuel saver synthetic oil as a slighter cheaper alternative than the penrite HPR 0 and I must say its heaps better than the castrol one I was using,gear changes are smoother, slightly better millage and quiter engine.. Really recommended this one for the V8 models and got 7lts for $69


  • I'm not sure how engine oil impacts shifting of a transmission

    I pay less than $69 for 7L of HPR0
    You should look for trade pricing for oil in future
  • I only can get trade on hpr 0 if I buy 20ltrs for $178
  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.
    Yep. 20ltrs is cheap.
    It doesn't go off! Keep for next oil changes.
  • Hi guys!

    Bit late here but still relevant I guess..

    I’ve had my awesome ‘06 XC90V8 almost a year and after some research decided on 5w-40, my reasoning being the far hotter climate than the car was designed in.

    Have always used Penrite, and PAO based when feasible/practical but now have recently researched Nulon and found out via a supposedly independent study it may be even better!

    So will give it a go..

    PS. Agree that the 5w is more suitable than the 0w for the hotter Aus climate too. 0w is really only for freezing or below 3 degrees celsius temps.

    Though the -30 might be too thin at our higher than usual operating temperatures in frequent 38 degree plus summer days especially when sitting in traffic with engine bay temps reaching boiling point. 🥵😬

    So anyway how have you guys found the oils for yours so far?

  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    What does the official Volvo handbook for Australia recommend?

    Cars have oil coolers with thermostats, this is all you have to know.

    If it is synthetic oil it's all the same but I have found Penrite 10/Tenths to be kinder for my V60T6 than the basic Penrite and for not much more. It is actually made from better stuff.

  • Penrite HPR 5 is recommended for the xc90 V8 models from 06 to 09, or the Nulon one that I have posted ,I’ve used the Castro’s magnetic 5w 30 and that wasn’t as good as the nulon brand , I get better mpg on the nulon oil to as it’s smoother idle and a little more responsive so don’t have to put my foot down as much to get to speed , Penrite good Aussie brand though imo

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