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Volvo 1974 164e Full leather interior in new pristine condition. Prices for individual partas listed

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Hi guys,
I have some 164 parts.
I also have two 164's which in the not too distant future i will be putting up for sale together. So keep an eye out for more posts from me
I intend on listing this stuff elsewhere but thought i would bounce past you guys first.
Primarily im selling an impeccable full leather beige interior
Door seats front and back and headrests.
As new
Front seat only sat on a handful of times.

Can remove and deliver for an extra charge within 150km of Maitland NSW (Which will get it to Sydney) or buyer can attend.
Perfect condition just a bit of dust. A few minor scuffs on back seat I will try and treat the leather see how it comes up

If you are interested in multiple parts please contact me to negotiate

Edit sorry. Ive been advised on different price range or otherwise ill ell the car as whole. If anyones nterested please pm me.
I also have all arm rests ashtrays and window handles.. and door buttons.. So far most are near perfect maybe the door buttons are worn.
Buyer may have these parts on request otherwise i shall make another post to sell separately.





  • Sorry ive had ome net issues whilst posting 150 km of Maitland NSW
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    That looks like a beautiful trim, *edit $1k for a pristine leather trim, makes me wish I had a 164 to put it in.
    It's not me atm, just looks lovely.
  • It is. It's essentially perfect.
    I am open to offers.
    However, i feel the $1000 mark is a fair expectation.

  • Thoughts?

    Well, I'm impressed. Those seats and door cards look like brand new. Even the magazine holders look perfect.
    These seats will also fit into 140s without drama, and the driver's seat is height adjustable with a lever too.

    "For Sale" section requires a price to be posted, so what kind of dollars do you have in mind?
  • Sorry i mustve answered that question whilst you posted.
    I'm feeling 1k is fair. Im open to feedback.
    I havent decided if i will auction it all yet.
    Its in pristine as new condition. Literally, the drivers seat sat in a handful of times.
    I can assist with delivery within 150km of Maitland NSW for a fee.
    Its currently in a 1974 164e
  • RobRob (@Rob) - Lockyer Valley, SE Qld
    FYI. Those headrests you have for the rear are front headrests. Rears are different and were for the most part, only fitted to TE’s
  • Hi Rob, you know at first i was all ready to dispute this with you!
    However, after a quick inspection of some photos of my other 164....
    You are correct!.

    So come with spare set of headrests bahahah? I think..
    Im not sure if its worth separating...
    Dont ask me how or where they came from. This cars history was lost with the death of a previous owner..
    Thanks for your input Rob
  • Hi there, any chance the door cards could be sold separately?
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    Im sorry Wolvo at this point my answer is no. However, i shall have a think about it. If i decide otherwise ill pm you.

    *edit I have had a rethink.I am happy to separate parts.Please keep an eye on this post for specific prices and photos.
    Happy to consider expression of interest..
    Ps lots of chrome coming too!
  • Hi Stella
    Just want to know if this is still available?
    I am very interested and have a 164 I am restoring , been looking for awhile for a good interior.
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