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780 Feb-19 issue of MOTOR magazine featurea the 850R

TzantushkaTrent (@Tzantushka) E. suburbs - Melbourne
Last week I was fortunate to attend the Bauer Media Australian Motoring Awards - Best known for the Wheels Car Of The Year.

In the ‘lolly bag’ at the end of the event was a copy of their sister publication MOTOR.

At $11.95 an issue, it’s not something I would normally buy! But this edition features a 4 page spread on the 850R.

Next time you’re in the newsagent (apparently they still exist) have a look at page 110.
You might get to read the whole article before getting kicked out.


  • this One - https://www.whichcar.com.au/motor - do you own a scanner or MFD device. ? - would like to see if its worth the purchase. - How does the Article read.
  • TzantushkaTrent (@Tzantushka) E. suburbs - Melbourne
    Sorry - don't have the magazine handy (passed to a colleague).
    If you're a Volvo 850 tragic it contains all things we know.

    Interesting to see that the mainstream motoring press is noting the rarity of these cars.
    I can recall they added the upper market value as $30k for a clean vehicle!
  • Thanks . I found it on the shelf and had a quick scan. I recall something about wheel bearings as one piece . Seemed to focus on wagon . It would have been great if they has a long term owner and a nice pic.thanks for the post and follow up
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