140, 240 + 740 workshop/parts clear out. Updated 7 March, priced slashed - need the space.

dmcddmc (@dmc) Melbourne
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Cleaning up workshop and have some parts left over.
All parts available for pickup in Melbourne or some can be posted. 1kg Aus Post bags are $13.

3 wheels only, one sold.
140 15" wheels. Rims straight, tyres very old - one is a Michelin XZX! Probably fit 160 too. $40, pickup only.


Steering box out of a 142. Worked fine, looks clean. $100 pick up only.

142s engine pipe, the really long one. $10 pick up only.

142 rear door trims (where the door would be if they were doors). PIck up only.

142 rear windows and seals. Pick up only.

Dual 142s CD175 carbs, manifold, air filter assembly. Can probably post. Carbs rebuilt with genuine Stromberg/Zenith kits, they run fine.

4 x hub caps from 142. Pretty good condition, few scratches on one.


1991 240 high mount radio and amplifier (the one behind the lower part of the console). Has a code. Can post. $50 plus postage.


240 Beige door trims and handles etc. Removed from my car when electric windows went in.
$100 the set


740 turbo speedo with extra gauges. Gauges are removable and can be fitted to another 740 dash.
It was pulled from a 740 turbo that was wrecked.
Can post, $20 plus postage in a post bag.


740 turbo transmission oil cooler. I assume this will work on any 740 auto. Would probably fit a 240 auto without much effort too. $20 pick up only due to hard lines.


740 radiator, was working fine. $10 pickup only.


740 intercooler. $10 pickup only.


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