850 abs pump question

Are all 850 abs pumps compatible ?
Would the pipe fittings be different say from an 850 SE to an 850 R ?
Would the actual pump be different due to having Tracs ?

many many questions =)

thanks in advance


  • Yes they are different, what's the problem with yours?
  • There's two different types (early and late) of abs setups in terms of pump and module.
    The late setups have a couple of different modules depending on if tracs or AWD +tracs but the pump/hydraulic units are the same
  • The problem with mine is when coming to a stand still lets say under 20 klms the brake pedal becomes very stiff and wont stop the car so have to put some force on the pedal with a groaning noise as well . I found a really good garage close to me and they have been doing work on it as well as its the only garage ive found that can 'plug in' to the car . They said the abs punp need changing hence thats where i am atm with it .
  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.
    Mmmm, I'll leave that for Tim.
    Sounds odd to me.
  • Do they have vol-fcr or a generic reader?
  • That's a very weird issue.
    Do you feel the pedal pulse when it happens? That would suggest that the pump is activating at low speed.
    Often this is a sensor/ module issue as the module is seeing a wheel speed sensor signal drop out and it assumes the wheel is locked up thus activating the pump.
    The usual issue is the modules need resoldered or the insulation on the wires to the pump deteriorates.
    What fault codes are they getting from the car and is your tracs/abs light illuminated.
  • As far as i know its not a generic reader . They have 6 different readers for cars so thats why i went to them as they invested in every obd 2 device available etc

    Defenate pulse going on , i can hear it as well . All sensors have been changed along with a new (ipd) tracs control module. Fault codes , i didn't ask atm . The tracs & abs lights are not on .

    Last time it went to the garage the abs and tracs lights were on and the brakes were great but when i got it back the lights were off as they cleared the lights and they said about the brake issue . So now have this issue .
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