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780 Headlight wipers

Hey all just wondering alot of 850s out there have wipers on the front headlamps. Some models also don't seem to have them. Was this a consistent design? Or are all the ones I see on the street have had bumper replacements. Just wondering. Thanks


  • Bumpers are the same irrespective of headlight wipers. They bolt to the headlight with the shaft fitting through a hole in the headlight panel.


  • Ah so does that mean the previous owners just the headlights? Hence no wipers? Thanks
  • Some had them and some didn't, it was model specific. I'd say the majority in Aus didn't
  • Ah OK thanks all. Just something that I always wondered about
  • speaking from my north american experience, headlight wipers on p80 platform cars came as a part of the 'winter package,' most commonly also consisting of heated seats.
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