140 B30 pushrods.

Does anyone know what is the difference between B30 and B18B pushrods and what advantage dose it give in the B18b/B20 rebuilding process. I have seen it stated in modified engine rebuilding specs but I am no wiser to the benefit. Also are the rockers also different?


  • Angus242164Angus (@Angus242164) Western Victoria
    I wasn't aware of any difference in the rocker arms or pushrods between the four cylinder engines and the B30, but checking parts catalogues for differences between part numbers would be the first step towards finding out.
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  • The B18/B20 and B30 rockers are odd and even numbered, but they all the same part number pairs.

    The (standard) lifters are the same part numbers. (aside, years ago I had a set of the wizz-bang R-Sport lightweight ones in my original 144).

    The pushrods are different.

    418304 - pushrod B18/B20
    430121 - pushrod B30

    Never heard of it being done, maybe they're stronger?
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  • I have since been in contact with Phil Singher in the U.S who wrote and article on the building of a high horsepower b20 some years ago called the MPPE in which he stated the use of the b30 push rods. He has since told me that the b30 push rods are slightly shorter and was given the advice to use them to correct the rocker geometry after decking the block by Mike Aaro from Sweden. Phil tells me that he has since sold that motor (MPPE) and built about another 35 or so motors since then but none comes to the hp the MPPE produced. He now uses good standard Volvo push rods with no complaints. The story of the build (MPPE) is on google and is a good read. I wrote to Phil after posting my comment so I do not wish to look like a smart arse answering my own comment and will check the measurement when I rebuild. Maybe someone will have both types of push rods and put the comment to bed.
  • When you get advice from Phil Singher and Mike Aaro about B20s, you're doing it right.

    I read the story of the MPPE too years ago, and it's time I read it again.

    Oddly enough, I do have both types of pushrods - trouble is, my B30 ones are still in a shed up on the mainland and have yet to cross Bass Straight for me.
  • Angus242164Angus (@Angus242164) Western Victoria
    I think I might have some loose B30 pushrods actually, all my B20 ones are inside engines though.
  • Having read about it somewhere, I used the B30 engine mounts under a B20 engine and it certainly made a difference to the stability of the engine.
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