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(NZ) 240 weatherstrip, both sides

RichGTRichGT (@RichGT) Auckland
edited January 9 in For sale
Brand new, I bought the wrong ones, these are for 240s.
Gen. Volvo made in Sweden.

$45 shipped, tracked parcel post from Auckland, anywhere in OZ.



  • Correct me if I’m wrong but are these the scraper mouldings that fit in the outer metal strip at the base of the door window? Are they for a 2-door or 4-door? I suppose if they’re for a 2-door they could be cut to the shorter 4-door length.
  • Yes correct, they are 4-door length
  • tony93Tony (@tony93) SE Melbourne
    I’m interested, Is it just the out side or in and out?

    Going on an 89 244
  • I will take out of bag to double check
  • tony93Tony (@tony93) SE Melbourne
    Doesn’t matter more curious than anything else
    But I’ll take it
    My drivers side is horrid
  • RichGTRichGT (@RichGT) Auckland
    edited January 11
    Just to confirm, these are the outer weather strips or window scrapers as they are more commonly known. See new picture.

    These WILL actually fit 242 models, because they are 925mm long. I’ve trimmed the same ones down already by about 20mm to fit my GT. Trim them down further to do both front windows on a 4 door 240.HuODdQ0h.jpg
  • Sold pending payment...
  • Sold and posted, please close mods
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