240 Road-tripped my newly acquired '92 240 1000 kms home from Brissy. Observations and questions

I have a newly acquired '92 240. A good friend was kind enough to inspect and purchase on my behalf as the car was in QLD.
We flew up to Brissy Friday for a weekend with my mate and a NSW UVP to drive the 240 home 1000 kms to Sydney.
The 240 made the trip without incident, and was very comfy and quiet. I also think it returned reasonable fuel consumption at about 9.0 L / 100 kms. I am also amazed how many people rubber necked the car looking for number plates, and that we didnt get stopped by police once! I must say the NSW UVP scheme has my vote, $27.00 and valid for one week to get the vehicle home by the most direct and practical route (no toll roads for obvious reasons) including CTP.

I have noticed a a few quirks that need addressing, but they are minor.
1. The indicator stalk when partially moved moved down / left does not activate the left indicators for lane change. you need to move the stalk until it "clicks" on. This works fine when moving the stalk up / right. Is this a known or common fault? I am hoping it is a dirty contact.
3. I am getting very cold water in the front foot wells. I assume this is condensation from the aircon. Should there be a drain for this water?
4. on occasion I hear what could best be described as a vacuum flutter. Guessing again, but I think this may be from the brake booster?
5. I need a twin filament brake globe holder for the left rear brake light. Does any one in Sydney have a spare they would part with? (I will also update my part wanted thread)

I will post some better photos of the 240 in the next day or so.
Yes, I have the missing hub cap :)





  • Nice 240. Same as mine but a different colour.

    In regards to #1, I had the same problem when I bought my 240 and I just replaced the whole indicator stalk. It only takes 5 minutes.
    I might have a spare one if you're interested.
    (If you are, I probably have a brake globe holder too)

    I'm not sure about the AC issue, you might be best taking it to an AC shop. Being a 1992 model means it should have an R134 system so they'll be happy to work with it.
  • Nice! There is a drain for the A/C condenser. It goes thru the bottom of the blower casing through the tunnel. These often get blocked with leaves etc and IIRC they have a sort of thin slit that makes them more likely to get blocked. May be easier to access from under the car (above transmission) or remove the side cover on the centre console and look for it (RH side IIRC). Address this issue ASAP and you will likely want to pull front seats and out and lift carpet as if it’s been doing that for a while the foam carpet underlay will be saturated with water and these cars DO rust from this condition...especially in the rear footwell area just at the back of the front seat crossmember. NOT GOOD! Hopefully you’ve caught it soon enough.
  • So things are progressing....
    I pulled the console sides off and found the condenser drain. I removed the drain tube completely and it was completely blocked. In addition to the crud, there was an odd plastic piece in the drain tube. Im not sure if this is to stop the tube compressing or if it is from inside the condenser?
    I have refitted the drain tube without the plastic part, until someone confirms it should be there. Any ideas from the OZVolvo brains trust?


    The car also has the plastic floor mats/trays. I removed the passenger the mats from the passenger side and the carpet was soaked. Fortunately we have a wet vac so I managed to suck up most of the water and left the rest to dry out in the heat.

    Whilst investigating the aircon drain, I also determined all the wedge globes for the Aircon, rear demister, center console and gear indicator have failed. i will replace these when re assembling the console.
    The clock is dead. I recall seeing a How-to guide to repair the clock, and will investigate repairing, I will likely block it off with a blanking plate in the interim.


    I also dismantled and cleaned the cigarette lighter socket. We tried to use this with a phone charger on the way down from Brissy, and it didnt work. The cigarette lighter has a machine tread screw holding it together, so dismantled, and brass brushed the inner contacts with my Dremel, re-assembled and it works great.

    The rest of the interior is in really good shape, even down to the Granny spec rear roller blinds. I just need a Bowls hat!

    I need a few bits n pieces, and will update my parts wanted thread.
    Keep rolling
  • Nice work. Hard to say on that plastic bit for the A/C drain. Almost looks like some sort of flow restrictor? Do the slits in the drain line up with the fins on the plastic bit? I think you’re wise to leave it out! I’d highly recommend pulling the plastic sill trim panels off (scuff plates) - they just lift off the pinchweld flange - to enable lifting the carpets. If there was water on top, there’s likely water under the carpet and the foam may be saturated. If it is you really want to pull that out and let it drain as the foam really traps water like a sponge in my experience. Also I found that when the drain blocked the water often ran down under the carpet so you didn’t even know there was a problem until you got a smell or your car rusted out. It’s easy to pull the seats out if you need to lift the carpet and remove the foam mats for drying.
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