Volvo 360 b230 turbo swap

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I am makin an instructional thread documenting the entire process of swapping a B230 turbo motor into the volvo 360 GLT.
I would appreciate it if you would NOT comment in this thread until it's complete, just to keep it neat and clean. Thanks! (feel free to follow process and comment on 'Alex's 360 build thread') :+1:


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    List of requirements!

    Swap from 360 engine to b230 turbo engine:

    Sump + dipstick tube
    Oil pump
    Distributor (optional but recommended as space is tight.)
    Intermediate shaft (if swapping distributor)
    Alternator + bracket
    Engine mount brackets and engine mounts (if turbo oil return line is relocated...more on this later)
    Water pump and pulley.
    360 spirit and essence 😂

    Required engine components:
    LH 2.4 compatible 60-2 dished flywheel
    Mix and match clutch + pressure plate...
    Wiring loom from LH2.4 vehicle, preferably later model 240, or custom made loom.
    Use the b230 starter motor
    B230 crank angle/position sensor. (You will need to make a custom mount, more on this later)

    If fitting a front mount intercooler, you will need to remove the A/C condenser and drill/cut larger holes In the bulkhead/sheet metal next to the headlight to accommodate for the pipe work.

    Exhaust - you will need to make a custom downpipe. If you have the skills and/or the money, a custom turbo back system is a win.

    To be continued...
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