240 What's it worth?

Hi all.
I may have to look at selling my 240 due to ....circumstances, so I'm preparing myself for the potential shock when I discover it's worthlessness. I'll try to be brief.

1989 240 GL M47 234k
New genuine Volvo engine mounts
New genuine Volvo transmission mount
New genuine Volvo crank angle sensor
New genuine Volvo IACV
All new vacuum lines
New genuine Volvo flametrap hose
New front rotors (dimpled slotted)
Koni R Sports
Whiteline front sway bar
H&R 25mm spacers
King springs (low)
Exhaust from front pipe, new cat, 2 inch I think
Virgo alloys x5
GLE gauges
Seats in good condition (swapped from an earlier model)
Smaller Volvo steering wheel
Aunger louvre
Pioneer USB/ Bluetooth with under seat sub
I've probably forgotten heaps
The bad things...
Has a high idle. I suspect the throttle body needs removing and base idle reset
Front strut top bearings need doing. Have genuine Volvo ones in stock
Small rust spot base of windscreen. Lives in garage, rarely gets wet.
Scrape right rear wheel arch. Looks the same as it did six years ago
There's a bunch of parts, front electric window regulators, switches armrests and wiring, Lucas brake rebuild kit, ...other stuff.
It's a bit grubby in the pictures. It cleans up nicely.
Thanks in advance for your expert opinions. Any more pictures required, just ask



  • $450 with the hideous yellow sticker on the grille and the sand-filled front sway bar.

    ~ $2,500 to $3k if registered for 3+ months with VIN and engine numbers are on the rego certificate, if sold with roadworthy, and if sand-filled front sway bar plus yellow sticker on grille are changed.
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  • @bgpzfm142 is probably about right on what it should be worth, but there have been some examples with auto gearboxes, and stock suspension/wheels, going for $5k +. So maybe yours is worth more?
  • SpacSpac (@Spac) Canberra-ish.
    WA market is weird, but if this was in Australia, I'd say that $2500~3000 is a realistic sale price.

    Also, as a general statement, 90% of cars are advertised at prices that mean they won't get ANY genuine interest...
  • SpacSpac (@Spac) Canberra-ish.
    Don't know if the DUI plates add to, or reduce the value of the car.
  • WA makes me lean towards 2k ish but will take a while for the right person to find it
  • Stick on 3k and wait if you can wait
  • Haha. So, remove yellow moose for $2000 increase in value. Easy.
    I forgot to mention it has 6-7 months rego and a new clutch.
    The WA market is weird alright. On gumtree today there's an auto with a mismatched door with 270something ks asking $4200. I does have a nice interior, but that's way too much, in my opinion. Of course, what cars are advertised for doesn't necessarily equal what they sell for It seems manuals are pretty rare here, and 5 speeds even more so. I looked for ages before I found this one.
    I reckon the DUI plate is lol spec. If only it was one earlier I could be DUI all the time.
    Perhaps I should take it to fremantle and try to attract a hipster...
    Thanks for the replies. Value is about what I expected, so good to get some confirmation.

    *I'm never DUI
  • gavinhGav (@gavinh) Parmelia, Perth
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    Yeah over here is strange, there is a 164 that's been for sale for almost a month originally 2k now 1600 open to offers.
    when I sold mine I had it up for 3.5k which was optimistic for an 85 244, but it was a good car and drove like it was on rails, replaced all rubber underneath the car, ipd lowered springs, ipd turbo exhaust, and a list of other things. ended up selling it for 2k after 2m Months or so. But on the other hand a guy sold an 83 after bieng on the market for 24h and got what he asked.
    I would say around 2.5-3k would be easy, but I like volvos
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