740 & 760 Project 1

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  • This car is next in line. Overall the car is in good condition. No dents on the chassis. No rust. Complete. Black. Good tan leather and plastics. I am going to do an engine build on a stand and convert to manual. I have all the parts here.

    my plan is b230ft with Volvo cam of interest maybe k or h, m46. That’s all at this stage.

    i plan on respraying in 019 black and grey 960 interior

    I originally bout this car with another turbo wagon for $800. I parted one and kept this. I’m very glad I kept a wagon for my first restore and rebuild project. Ambishous right? Haha.

  • I spend a lot fb tim energy putting the correct parts with the he coming erect car so that I don’t get confused or forget what’s I have laying around.

  • Say that again...who is coming erect? :)

  • Yeah mate plenty of lube and wrapped up. Very important to play it safe with the old ones

  • Today I accumulated more parts for the wagon from the same guy I bought the 760 turbo with a b230ft. This instrument cluster is from the same donor car as motor and would roughly have 80k on it now. The transplant was done some 12 years ago. Also this I cracked dash without a stupid coin tray

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    wiseco forged pistons and H beam rods on eBay are my biggest foreseeable expenditure and also the first. Looking at around $1500. Then gasket kit, studs, etc

    I have a b23 sitting 4hrs south I need to collect and have the k cam slotted.

    Also was recommended a local guy to port and match this.

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    All rat den running gear is out and everything is looking good.

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