740 & 760 Project 1

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  • This car is next in line. Overall the car is in good condition. No dents on the chassis. No rust. Complete. Black. Good tan leather and plastics. I am going to do an engine build on a stand and convert to manual. I have all the parts here.

    my plan is b230ft with Volvo cam of interest maybe k or h, m46. That’s all at this stage.

    i plan on respraying in 019 black and grey 960 interior

    I originally bout this car with another turbo wagon for $800. I parted one and kept this. I’m very glad I kept a wagon for my first restore and rebuild project. Ambishous right? Haha.

  • I spend a lot fb tim energy putting the correct parts with the he coming erect car so that I don’t get confused or forget what’s I have laying around.

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    Say that again...who is coming erect? :)

  • Yeah mate plenty of lube and wrapped up. Very important to play it safe with the old ones

  • Today I accumulated more parts for the wagon from the same guy I bought the 760 turbo with a b230ft. This instrument cluster is from the same donor car as motor and would roughly have 80k on it now. The transplant was done some 12 years ago. Also this I cracked dash without a stupid coin tray

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    wiseco forged pistons and H beam rods on eBay are my biggest foreseeable expenditure and also the first. Looking at around $1500. Then gasket kit, studs, etc

    I have a b23 sitting 4hrs south I need to collect and have the k cam slotted.

    Also was recommended a local guy to port and match this.

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    All rat den running gear is out and everything is looking good.

  • starting to enjoy the project and understand what’s involved and how to go about it.

    I have began to tear down the motor and wipe down the dry metal with degreaser and oil. The 530 looks clean as inside and all the parts are in very good except the water pump causing rust bubbles on block face and port.

    i am cleaning up a 531 and I’ll port the exhaust side.

    should I use the valves from the turbo motor in the 531??

    And of course still collecting random shit that says Volvo or Bosch

  • carnut222Greg S @carnut222 Daylesford VIC

    Looking good! I’m about to start degreasing my B230FX...I hate that dirt job!

    With respect to valves, the turbo has sodium-filled exhaust valves. Helps draw heat out of the combustion chamber IIRC. So if you can reuse those it might be worthwhile.

  • haha I find degreasing is a time to think about other stuff and just keeps scrubbing

    good motors I had one in this

    It was a terrible decision to sell it.

    cheers I’ll put those valves aside.

    I’m going to clean the block today with diesel and check for scores thoroughly. Then wrap in glad wrap and concentrate on head. All the best pal!!

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