XC90 Rear Diff Ratio - Same or Different over the 2004-2014 model years?

I'm thinking that my 2010 D5 XC90 reads a replacement rear diff as its starting to make a noise particularly between 60-80k's under load and on over run. It has just on 230,000k's.

Before i start looking for replacements, do all the XC90's have the same rear diff ratio's? and if not, how do i tell apart from physically measuring (Are there clues in the VIN Number etc).

Is it an easy job for a completent mechanic to just swap over diff centres etc? Any Tricks?


  • @timbo
    I don't think the d5 ratios changed when they swapped the d5 designs around but I've not had to dig into it before... you remember offhand?
    I think you need to add i was in an s80 with three wheels getting pulled backwards and was told to "hold on shit is about to get real".
  • Ive only really seen issues with the 6cyl models not much experience with d5 diffs
  • Anyone else with ideas?
  • You tried changing the rear diff fluid?
    I have found that just putting in some high quality gl5 full synthetic plus some molly additive will quiet down ones that have a little bit of noise

    Go via the part number
  • @diecast if you find they are the same across the board then I have a rear diff here from a 2006 2.5t with only 107,000km on it that I could probably pull for you. I was going to grab all the haldex bits out of the car before I wreck it.
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