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Volvo 240 R-Sport parts

Hi :D i'm Nicolai and i'm New in this forum and

I'm looking for some parts to my 1981 Volvo 244 dl and i'm wondering if someone has some R-Sport parts for sale ?

The parts I'm looking for is the Original oil drain and original oil feed and more parts from this kit 🤗FQMGk3qh.jpg


  • jamesincJames (@jamesinc) Oz Volvo Ice Fortress
    I have the kit. It's not for sale, but I can show you what the oil drain on the sump looks like, it wouldn't be too hard to have someone weld a standard sump to match.
  • That looks like the Volvo Turbo Cup kit.

  • I have that kit, planned for a car next year.
    The oil feed line I had made to take from the oil gallery at the front of the block. I think it is an imperial threaded plug and obviously an imperial allen hex in the front.
    The drain is not in the right box so cannot photograph. Will look over the weekend. I took the factory drain pipe to Pirtek or Enzed and asked for the appropriate sized hose as I planned to cut the steel pipe part way down. Then some flex hoseto the the related brass fitting with a 45 degree bend and a thread and a brass nut for inside the sump. Not factory, though pretty close.qyIwwS7h.jpg
  • BTW, the carb kit is CDRK 48 from and the needle is B1FU which I think came from Midels in Sydney.
  • jamesincJames (@jamesinc) Oz Volvo Ice Fortress
    @dmc cheers I have been looking for info on the needle for ages
  • Oki but do any have a foto og the oil drain from the turbo and down to the bend on the oil pan??
  • That needle number is for a B23 turbo, close enough for a B230 +T conversion for me. The b21 had a different needle.
  • jamesincJames (@jamesinc) Oz Volvo Ice Fortress
    Oki but do any have a foto og the oil drain from the turbo and down to the bend on the oil pan??
    Yeah - I need to take a photo for you but it requires digging the motor out of my garage, which will be a couple of days yet :(
  • That oil gallery hole on the front of the block should be a 1/2" NPT thread if I'm not mistaken.
  • What model carb does that needle go with? Fantastic info btw all
  • Could not remember re: carb, look up the part number of the kit and that should tell you.
    Many hours and phone calls to Holland, UK and Sydney getting this info together. Just need to get it into a car now...
    btw, I have two needles, other will be for sale after the important one gets going in the car.

    Turbo water hoses came from a Japanese sounding site, cannot remember it. The flange for the oil outlet was from there too. Also, the water pipes on a 740 turbo are different to a 940 SE turbo.

    Photos should answer most questions. If more questions send them through.


  • jamesincJames (@jamesinc) Oz Volvo Ice Fortress
    @egads is a 175CD
  • iceton1975POM (MARK) (@iceton1975) Broadmeadows Victoria
    I just sold my kit to some guy converting his Carby 740 to Turbo carby 740 so watch out he is building it now
  • That oil gallery hole on the front of the block should be a 1/2" NPT thread if I'm not mistaken.

    1/8" NPT I'm pretty sure
    1/2" NPT is huge
  • GhettobirdJulian (@Ghettobird) Melbourne - SE Suburbs
    Yes 1/8 NPT
    If you use the Aluminium angle adapters from Speedflow you will have to pull the water pump off - or notch it
  • You're right, 1/2" would be huge, I think it's 1/4" NPT.
  • I just sold my kit to some guy converting his Carby 740 to Turbo carby 740 so watch out he is building it now

    Any news about this? :)
  • Got it running last night.

    Still a day to go on the odds and ends, wiring the air conditioning up, adjusting the boost, re-wiring the fuel pump relay (as it was a mechanical pump before). The usual left overs. It runs amazingly sweet, really impressed with the carb arrangement, and I dislike CDs and much prefer a DCOE, maybe two.

    Lots of lessons learned, The oil feed line in the block is a metric thread, 6mm allen key, will measure thread this afternoon. The angle line from that oil gallery fouls on the back of the 240 style alternator adjuster, some modifications needed. Will check out Julian's method. The oil drain (have photos somewhere) into the sump is right on a fold of one of the splash trays internally, modifications needed.

    The water lines on the turbo were 'online' purchases and did not fit as they were low quality generic hoses with adapters on each end, the bulk of the adapters meant they did not fit onto the housing and fouled on the turbo. It is not yet water cooled...

    The trick to getting the engine out sweetly (B230 + M47) is to remove the shifter assembly from the back of the box and also the drive shaft donut (which I am sure has a real name). Pulling it half out then removing the crank pulley means it almost fits like it was meant to just come out, minimal fussing about with angles and twisting.

    The B230K has a different head to the normal B230 range, it is a Heron head and is an interference valve train. Good to know. It also has a flat head surface and apparently combustion chambers in the pistons rather than the head. They were never released here so guess there are only a couple around.

    Swapped out the timing computer (EZK) for a 740 Turbo computer though still rattles once boost comes on. AFR meter will go on this afternoon for some measurements.

    Still working out crankcase breather and air filter. Will probably use a 740 Turbo airbox with a butchered lower to go around the battery. Long story on why the battery cannot be relocated to the other side.

    Also noticed the plugs listed are a BPR6ES, which is both the same plug as the NA and also hotter than I expected. I am running the cooler BRP7EIX (same as BPR7ES though Iridium, which NGK tell me lasts longer, no performance increase) and will see how they go over time.

    Probably more info to come, need to get off to a meeting in town and help pay for all of this stuff.
  • Angus242164Angus (@Angus242164) Western Victoria
    B230K is rare here for sure, I have only seen one in the flesh, in a UK import 245.
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