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  • Spac's adventures in BMW

  • Spac's adventures in BMW

    Good day in the race car today.

    For some reason (date clash??) a depleted field for the final round of the Summer Series today. 9 cars, with the series leading Toyota 86 absent.

    So the #711 Celica stood out as the big threat, with a couple of Pulsar-spec Pulsars looming as possible challengers.

    I was running out the last of the Yokohama A052 tyres, and conscious that I didn’t have a lot of laps left in what I have.

    I went fastest in practice by 2.5 seconds.

    Wow - a lot of pressure disappeared when I saw that! Turns out that 711 was down on power.

    Qualifying narrowed my lead to 1.8 seconds, but still comfortably ahead.

    So that was nice.

    Race one was 15 laps and was pretty boring to be honest. Starting on pole, and Punching out consistent low-mid 63 second laps meant that I was just driving around, slowly increasing my lead.

    Second race was 20 laps. It was more of the same, but made more interesting by the LHR tyre dying. First it got skatey, then it got slippery, then it got really slippery and rubber started flapping off it. I caught the #34 Pulsar and #21 Impreza having a huge battle at the end of the race. Chose to sit behind them and not interrupt their battle.

    Got the chequered flag and totally toasted the LHR tyre doing a lame drift into turn 1.

    This lead to some fairly frantic tyre swapping before going into the final, 40 lap, reverse grid race. I did the best with the tyres I had left, and went as far as setting up the jack, rattle gun, and last remaining tyre in case I needed to do a mid-race tyre change...

    The race was interesting.

    The 711 Celica was having overheating issues and had considered DNSing, but decided that he had at least ten laps before it would be a problem and that he’d enjoy as much as he could.

    My goals were to overtake the Celica within ten laps, and to keep my tyres alive.

    711 & I carved through the field pretty easily, and then I spent a few entertaining laps chasing him down and looking for a way past. He was pretty ... resolute in not wanting to be passed, but I lined him up snuck through.

    A few laps later, I realised that my “new” LHR tyre was struggling. Backed off and drove to conserve it.

    711 pulled into the pits, as predicted, and I very slowly caught and lapped #34 mid race.

    The rear tyre was still deteriorating, so I was battling against all of my instincts as I slowly caught the battling Pulsar trio of #35, 4 and 148.

    Managed to lap #148 as it was low on fuel, and then the race ran out.

    Again, a lame drift after the finish line destroyed the LHR tyre.

    The RHR didn’t have many laps left in it either.

    So my theory of “turn up regularly, bring a reliable car” has born fruit again. :)

    I won the day, and the series, which was both nice and unexpected.

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    Listed as a 123GT, but that aspect is not detailed in the ad, so I could definitely be confirming that before I handed any money over.

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