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  • WANTED : XR5 TURBO front calipers for 850

    @AshDVS can sort with the adaptor and whole kit, he makes them

  • Tom's 850R

    I didn't even think this was easily possible without cutting things appart.

    Potentially a bit late to go down this route as I've ordered the rear end bits from BC already

    To reply to your earlier comment:

    I've just given the car a light polish and a good wax to help keep things looking fresh.

    Do let me know about the rods

  • Tom's 850R

    This might be the tipping point for me to get a whole set of stuff from FCP then. They have a kit builder with control arms, stabiliser bars and tie rods and all the trimmings, seems like a good way to go

  • Tom's 850R

    Going to start a bit of a build thread for my R so I have some documentation of anything I change for a future buyer.

    Had her for a few months and have been wanting to do a bit of a refresh for a while now and have finally pulled the trigger on getting things rolling.

    Having just ticked over 240K's I feel I'm at a good point to start.

    The good:

    Everything works; ODO, abs, dash rattles ;), PCV, everything is functional.

    The car runs and drives properly and makes full boost and vacuum (aftermarket boost gauge)

    Gearbox is healthy

    Interior is in pretty good nick

    Service records for the last 15 years, showing the car has been regularly serviced, and got a bit of an overhaul back in 2015, including thermostat, some vacuum lines and hoses, engine seals, coolant tank, tie rods etc

    The bad:

    Some metal shavings were found in the oil on the last change

    Suspension is very tired, and I think the Front right wheel bearing is shot, pulling the wheel off this weekend to check.

    Clear coat is peeling slightly on the roof - I'm not too worried about this for now

    Front bumper has the usual cracks and paint chips, and the rear bumper received a light impact at some point in its life, looks like someone missed a trailor hitch, again not too worried about this.

    Timing belt is coming up on 50K's.

    Subframe bushings are a bit hows-your-father

    Immediate plans:

    Fresh Nitto rubber is going on next week

    BC coils are on the way

    @AshDVS is organising me a 320mm front brake kit to go with some XR5 calipers I've just got a hold of.

    Nulon oil test kit has been ordered to see exactly what's going on in the engine. I'm hoping it's a crank shaft bearing, as that gives me a good excuse to throw some H beam rods in for a turbo upgrade down the track.

    Going to order a timing belt kit alongside the bearing/tie rods next week from FCP, as well as a cam locker, subframe bushings, ram intake from IPD, I might get on of the MSD ignition kits as well, we'll see.

  • Metal Shavings in oil - 850R