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  • Volvo 240s on car sales

    Critic's report -

    79 242GT, 338K km, manual, asking $19,000

    This GT is way overpriced, IMHO. Seller admits the A/C isn't working, so the new owner will be lucky to get that sorted for under a grand. There's either an alternator / wiring problem or a problem with oil pressure (see pic), it doesn't appear to have real rego, and the pile of receipts is suspect (why is the top receipt for a rebuilt of an M47 by Berry's, when these things have the M46 from factory?) $19K cars shouldn't have these issues. Real rego in New South Gilead is going to set the owner back at least another $1500 or so, plus fixing anything picked up on inspection. IMHO, given the high mileage, and only because these things are getting rare, $10K is a fair price for this unit, with 12 months of real rego on it - conditional on the rear beaver panel not being rusty under the top rear rubber bumper lip.


    1990 245, white / blue cloth, M47 manual, 259K, asking $12,500

    Premium prices can be asked by premium cars. Things like the lack of real rego and this centre console trim (wrong colour, and missing its little basket) take the polish off the premium price being asked. No mention is made about the aircon, although it's fitted. Sure, it has 16x6.5 wheels from a 960, and lots of speakers, but they doesn't make a 7 grand car with them and rego in a 12.5 grand one without it.

    If I had this amount of money to spend, I'd be more tempted by this example - a white / blue cloth 1993 245 AW70 with A/C, power windows, only 143K km, and with 12 months real rego in New South Gilead, with a $15K ask. While the 93 is an auto, it does has the advantages of a superior AC system which is confirmed working, power windows, the later type of cargo area windows seals with drainage dimples (so trapped water doesn't rust out the tops of the rear quarters), plus it has 100K km less than the 1990, which will end up being the same price as the 93 once it gets real rego. Given the low kays, the 93 is closer to being a 12.5 grand car than the 90 will be, IMHO.

  • 1993 240 on Gumtree

    155K km, blue cloth seats, auto, power windows, manual mirrors, 4 months QLD rego.

  • SOLD [QLD] 1974 144GL white best offer Kingaroy QLD

    144-4869A = Grande Luxe trim level, no sunroof, p/n 498041 K-Jet B20E engine, BW35, RHD built in Australia.

    Wonder what the interior is like.

  • T5 transmission $650

    Without knowing the tag number, you won't know if you're getting a bargain or ripped off.

    Ex-AU is best fit for 700/900, ex-BA can be used otherwise, V8 or turbo.

    Ex-EA-EL V8 is best fit for 240.

    Ford 6-pot boxes will have a unique-to-OZ input shaft that requires lengthening to work with the DeeWorks kit.

  • 1977 264 Wrecking

    That 264 has power window lifts, front and rear. Worth salvaging them even if he glass is broken, plus the door cards, plus the switches.