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244GL X CREAM 78? (SOLD IN1983), 1996 850 SE WAGON SILVER (SINCE NEW)86K (SOLD 2002) 1996 850SE WHITE 96K (WRITTEN OFF IN 2017) 1996 850SE SEDAN SILVER (48000KM) , 2009 C30 T5 BLACK AUTO, (50K), 1996 TOYOTA MR2 MAN NA, 100K, 2002 FORD AU2 UTE 50K, 1998 V70R BLACK MAN 220K, 2002 V70T silver since new 170K


  • Skandix stopped sending to Australia

    China doesn't seem to have any issues with delivering stuff here. Bits and pieces still gets here within 3 to 5 weeks. A quick look at Flightaware gives a clear picture that there is still a hell of a lot of planes flying cargo.

  • Volvo Parts/Spares Directory


  • RECOVERED - see below STOLEN Estate V70 Turbo Dk Blue 1996 NSW rego: CU83QI

    very sorry to hear that Tiny

    I'm just up the road at Glenhaven and 2 of our 4 volvos are often parked on the street along with my ute.

    I wondered where my fuel was going from the ute until I realised someone was stealing it ; after I changed to a lockable cap it was still being stolen. Parked it in the driveway for a few weeks and whoever was doing it just gave up.

    Always worry about garbage trucks & runaway cars & break ins and get up in the night when I hear cars in the street at 3am. But for some little s**ts to break in like that..... mate I'd beat the crap out of them if they broke into my place or just suffocate them with my 125kg of fat assed lard.

    You know how they say you should never beat up intruders? When I was much younger and more of a woos the rear part of my house was alarm zoned at night & went off at 2am. My wife called the cops because this new fangled super expensive alarm was supposed to be very dependable. Cops arrived and found nothing out the back and said "mate if it was my house I's be out there with a baseball bat laying into the bastards" Turned out a rat had chewed through a cable under the house.....

  • Fiesta XR4 (aka Spac’s latest half baked race car idea).

    Loved my Fiesta!
    Back in 2006 when my v70T got swiped by a bus I knew it would be off the the road for a while.
    At the time it was my only car.
    So I needed some short term wheels.
    Wife said go and buy a cheap new car that we could keep as a spare car once the V70T was repaired.
    I didnt have much time for mucking around with cars back then then so my mind was set on getting a new car asap.
    So I trotted off to Ford to see if I could find a cheap focus.
    Then I saw a row of fiestas and said what are those cute little things?
    Drove away in a brand new little 2 door fiesta zetec.
    Like Wheels magazine said at the time they really were a "hoot" to drive.
    Went like a go cart and went even better on its 2nd set of tyres when Toyo Proxes.
    That car was a lot of fun after years and years of driving an 850 & V70.
    It was ony a 2 door but there were many times a family of 5 adults still comfortable fitted in there.
    My kids all learned to drive on that car but none loved it enough to want to keep it.
    They all drive volvos now!
  • V70R write off or facelift oportunity?

    Update on this car:
    Insurer has paid us out on the write off so will proceed with repair ourselves since it is panel damage only.
    Car will not appear on WOVR as it is older than 15 years & registered in NSW.
    Sourced new body panels , headlight ,condenser & ac pressure switch from a farm in Cessnock and waiting for spray painter to do his bit - 450 for parts, 750 for panel spray.
    Radiator, mechanical parts & a few extra goodies have just arrived from Skandix & FCP so will be installing those this weekend. An extra $500 for those bits. So total repair cost will be $1700

    Thanks to all in Melbourne who offered to assist in the repair but it ended up being quite a simple repair job so decided to take it on ourselves - its only an easy days work to put it all back together again.

    Working on car during election day will take my mind off the imminent change in government, A pox on those in the swinging seats of Queensland and Victoria that will throw it into the slippery hands of Labor. Not happy with the Libs either with their shenanigans. Bill Shorten as PM - who would have thought it was ever possible getting this droob elected after the leadership circus with Rudd & Gillard. It's been a gift from the Liberal clowns - Tony Abbott & Peter Dutton. deluded fools who undermined their own party at a point where re-election actually seemed feasible. All of them so out of touch with the real people they are supposed to represent. And all bereft of ideas and policies that will actually benefit the common good of our country and set a path for our younger people to achieve and prosper. While Whitlam couldn't manage the funds of a chook raffle he succeeded in making significant social change and led us into the light after decades of dull political conservatism. If only we had politicians who can provide the best of both worlds with stable leadership, economic management and the ability to make worthwhile and affordable changes that will benefit all of us.

    Looking forward to seeing it on the road again - the only thing that will put a smile on my face in the darkest of winters to come.