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  • Paul egads was bringing wheels to Narellan however has done himself an injury, he has wheels just waiting for his health to improve, but if your heading this way, I would appreciate it, Grant 0400249777
    March 2017
    • paul0075
      Paul0075 (@paul0075)
      Hi Grant, my trip was put on hold because I ended up sick as well. I have no idea when I will be up that way just yet.
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  • Anthony
    Paul only saw yr note on thur hangs Friday and i was free last night.
    Fairbairn Park hillclimb is on Sunday, NSW Champs round, and Im defending my class win and record from last year.
    If your free pop out, Sutton rodr next to driver training facility
    242GT T
    September 2016
    • paul0075
      Paul0075 (@paul0075)
      Sorry for the delayed reply.

      Another Thursday night hang will be just under a fortnight, will post up the info soon.

      Sorry to miss the hill climb yet again. I caught the notification of your post last night, and was returning from Sydney this afternoon. Did you go well? Also, might be better if we catch up via the inbox :) as this is public.