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  • Very impressive @Fitzy !!! The two tone works really well, everything looks finished to a very high standard - a credit to your skills Sounds like the 240 is going to put out some decent power
  • https://cdn.ozvolvo.org/uploads/381/7JTSTP39G9EB.jpg This Is what your working with for the shifter, depends on your skillset as to how easy it would be for you to adjust the length, I just know it was annoying when I had to do it, after someone r…
  • No one local keeps the 740/940 master cyl in stock as they weren't really sold here, thus why I ended up using a 240 one
  • @iceton1975 You can't read the part numbers on the haldex modules though I'm gonna send you to specsavers
  • Two basically complete conversion kits were advertised/sold recently for $1500-$2,000. I fitted one to a mates 740 for him with flat flywheel and 850r clutch disc and upgraded pressure plate.
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  • 1. I think U mean master and yeah can be done but not ideal. Used one recently on a m90 swap into 740 2. 90% sure Yes if both engines are non turbo 3. Probably not, haven't seen a 240 manual box recently enough to recall how different they are. 4.…
  • Your problem sounds mechanical so no need to touch the DEM
  • Clutches would certainly cause the shudder but will require complete AOC housing and just resuse your DEM. Probs worth changing the filter and cleaning the pump while it's apart
  • The fact that it's shuddering is a little worrying, usually pump/filter issues will bring up AWD faults and the DEM will cut haldex operation and run in FWD mode
  • I'm living in Garran so that's not far pm me your address
  • What side of town are you on? I could drop it off later basically it's a "go through" socket set so you can use an Allen key to stop the shock spinning while you tighten the nut
  • If you have another vehicle and can come to Ike's I can lend you a socket set that will get you out of trouble. I'll be here for another half hour at least
  • Have you seen the trick for sanding the wheels where you jack the front of the car up,l onto axle stands, mount the wheel and use it like a lathe?
  • No one on this forum has swapped a 2.5t to a V8, not even once. No-one really engine swaps xc90s I'm not saying it "just won't work" but your not really showing any signs of understanding what's involved with either the engine swap you fi…
  • Not sure if you're trying to argue or need more explanation? 1998 is the cutoff for being able to swap an ecu without coding You're still talking about swapping a T5 engine into a T6 xc90? I'm not saying it's impossible, but Its clearly beyond your…
  • @Batty251 yes Im a mechanic that specialises in Volvo's. It's not like other manufacturers (Holden,Toyota,Ford,VW) where you can program modules and keys etc with the right scan tool.
  • Basically yeah you can't use 2nd hand modules, they need to be brand new and they can only be programmed by a Volvo dealer
  • @Batty251 you're on the wrong track. Simple advice is scrap the 2.9t XC90 and move on with your life. As @Ex850R mentioned, these volvos use a complicated canbus system. You can't just swap an "ecu, immobiliser and key" Even if you had id…
  • Torque convertor will be fine the alloy front housing on the pump will probably be cracked but easy enough to get a replacement
  • The notches go into the oil pump drive. If it was misaligned then you would have had had to pull the box onto the engine with the bellhousing bolts, if that was the case then you've probably destroyed the oil pump.
  • Don't completely rule out crank angle sensor as the signal could be weak at the lower cranking rpm. Ignition system problems are usually more obvious on lpg What kind of gas setup is it?
  • @ramrod 97+ means he wants OBD2 850 me4.3 but I assume p80 me4.4 stuff will work too. @Rob knows what he is talking about/doing there's no need to ask him 20 questions. Have a look at his build threads
  • Yes can get the gen 3 filter kits. @Philia_Bear happy to sort a bottle out for you. You coming down anytime soon with an rx7
  • I use the ravenol haldex oil. I source it from imparts $96 for 4litres but I think they only deal with trade customers.
  • Maybe take it to an independant Volvo specialist these injectors rarely fail and if inexperienced with these models then he is going to waste more of your money throwing parts at it. As mentioned by @Ghettobird the injectors need to be programmed on…