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  • what he said 😀
  • bumpy bump offers 😀
  • Car sounds sweet , and welcome 😎
  • Still all good after another drive this time 👍
  • Had lunch then back had a look and playing again now .......
  • Hhmmm spoke too soon . Just went round the block , all good now nothing ..... not even playing looks like its trying to load the cds but not happening
  • So out with the changer , i thought id be able just to take the changer out but some screws are too low down…
  • Just been reading. ........ found something on a range rover forum about servicing / take apart Alpine changers with the same problem. Think that's the answer . Time to have a better read on the laptop as phone is too small 😁
  • Yes , no problem with the single cd
  • Maybe the changer needs a service
  • Nope only plays 28 secs of first track then stops . I can put it on another track but nothing . No fast forward nor reverse and no play . Same on all 6 cds .
  • Now i just got error E -01 and couldn't eject the magazine so disconnected the battery then reattached the battery and tried everything again . Still no go , but the magazine ejected. Walking away from this atm 😀
  • All im getting is 26 -28 seconds of the first track , then nothing . Won't fast forward nor reverse. So i press onto the next cd and the same . All through the 6 cds . Even pressing the random button , if it doesn't fall on the first track on i…
  • Disconnected the battery yesterday as it go's, will try that again today and see how it works from there hey Just disconnected battery, will leave it for an hour and go back to it
  • Yeah i think it was that site mate 😀 fair few years ago hey . Good reading
  • Nice boost gauge as well there Jimbo 👍 came across your thread last weekend reading somewhere , many years ago when you wired it in ...
  • @ALALVALVO360 , i was reading your thread through the week as it go's and noticed that you went with an AEM on your car 👍 . Hey Jimbo are you still getting a decent amount of air flow through the 2 middle vents ? I've got my boost gauge on th…
  • Will have a look mate , unsure . Why dat ?
  • Its not sampling each song , thats all it'll do just play around 30 seconds then nothing until i hit the next cd .
  • Gotta have em , they are graphite gray 😉
  • Yeah I'd say it does work better than the ipd . The gauge seems a lot smoother and so does the power as it go's. You just dont want the box 😆 , na that's fine mate with the box , whatever you are happy with 👍 , best get some nails to hammer…
  • Last week i ditched this ...... ...... in favor of this .... Closely watching the boost gauge and i don't see any spike so all good . Have…
  • That looks nice 👍 shame about the c30 . Welcome 😎