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  • 21.2mm DeeWorks (this is the one Luke L got from you/Danilo). Was planning on using one of the DMFs from my collection of S40 T4/C30/P2 S60 clutches and flywheels that I have. Be great if …
  • Both are correct. I think damping is American, dampening is English/Australian.
  • Timbo is pretty clued up on this stuff. 240 is not clueless too. I haven't done it with a P1 Volvo, but what they're saying is entirely compatible with what I understand. Fully applaud you if you want to prove it all for yourself, but I wouldn't s…
  • Last Saturday, I was 000 for the LCCC Rallysprint. Prepped the car during the week, including the really important stuff: Was a bit of a del…
  • I would be interested in a whiteblock M90, IF someone can actually get around to posting/freighting it.
  • A 9-series is a heaps better car than a 240. It wasn’t very long ago when saying that 240s would be collectible, would have even Volvo enthusiasts laughing at you. IMO, your gut instinct to not condemn the 940 is the correct one.
  • First time the rally car has made it out of the shed since the start of February... Needed to be towed out with the 240. May actually do some work on it tomorrow?!
  • It runs! Starts and idles fine, but pops and misfires when you open the throttle up. Here’s the new oil after literally two or three minutes …
  • Light duty ADV bike is definitely on the cards for this one. Have kind of got this dirty idea of riding down to the Barossa on it, racing the 24 hour and riding home. Maybe.
  • And the gaskets turned up.... Got a bit done before the kids got home from school. Head is torqued up, cams are in but the cam caps aren’t torqued down yet. Drained less than a cupful of oil ou…
  • Chinabay piston and intake manifold seem quite good. Chinabay timing chain is garbage and has more slop than the used one. Still waiting on the gasket kit. Got the motor in and the new piston on. Not very exciting but slow progress is still progres…
  • Side project! paid a token amount for this. A 1998 Yamaha TTR250. My motivation is because it is from the 1990s and is purple! :) Story is that it had been run low on oil and it killed the crank…
  • Ethanol gets blamed for everything, when it is only occasionally the problem. As the what is the correct fuel... there is no hard and fast answer, despite what anyone says. Your car is designed to run happily on 91, IIRC. But it is now 32 years old…
  • Another round of Cheap Car today. Started very badly on the SECOND LAP of qualifying when I was passing a much slower car on the outside, and its driver decided that I was on the better line and drove straight into me. Bent my front wheel badly eno…
  • Not heard of that in RWD boxes before now. FWD can do it because the input shaft is long and supported just inside the case and at the far end (away from the clutch) - the relatively shor…
  • That might be do-able if you can machine down the front of the bellhousing and then attach an adaptor plate and what’s left of the bellhousing using longer bolts.
  • You can get very short ratios for either 1030 or 1031 diffs. 5.29:1 exists for both, there may be even shorter available it you want. They are cheap for the 1030 ($500 tops) but expensive for the 1031 ($1500ish).
  • Are you sure about the bellhousing? From the photos I can see online, it looks like the bellhousing is also the front part of the case. If that is correct, then I would abandon the idea now. If it is incorrect, then your idea has merit. Looks like…
  • Who said you can’t redrill axles? That’s a new one for me.