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  • Steve I just looked up that part number you gave me and it is the same as the one I brought. The thermostat after that vin number I believe is a black plastic looking thing and looks total…
  • Thanks Steve, yeah I found out about the change of thermostats on vin numbers and I brought the thermostat that's supposed to fit my vin. I'm in NZ and our dealer wanted over 500 bucks for…
  • Thanks very much for that information. Would really appreciate the pictures. I thought I would have had to get access from under the car between the firewall and engine. Good to know I don…
  • Here is another pic of the rear of the engine. The thermostat sits almost under the bracket of the crinkled pipe that goes to the egr cooler. It's hard to spot and looks black in pic, but it must be because of the lightning in the pic. Also include…
  • Vin number is VIN: YV1DZ7046A2069113
  • No the egr cooler is on the side of the engine where the transmission bolts up. This is definitely the thermostat for the (156)…
  • This engine must have a separate temp sensor as these complete units don't have a position for a sensor. https://cdn.ozvolvo.o…
  • I did that yesterday. Brought 2 new tyres for the front and got a wheel alignment done. On the printout it was well within specs and they hardly changed the settings. Funny thing is when I left and drove down the road the steering wheel was shaking …
  • Yes we have the consumers guarantee act, but I thought the AA should be to blame for not checking the vehicle properly. The AA reply was that the car was not in this condition when they inspected it and have advised me to contact the dealer about th…
  • Thanks for reply. This is the first Volvo that I have owned. Really only brought this model with the D5 because looking at other makes eg.. BMW, Audi, Mercedes, some jap and korean all have problems with either trans or motors or both. Been driving…