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  • I do love the Atacama interiors, but its also true that the same company made the very unassuming grey leather for the humble Phase 1 S/V40, lol. It's why all of them were pretty well destroyed in later years - no-one took care of the real leather like they needed. Hopefully most S60R owners were better than that...
  • As many on here know, my V50 D5 was not a good experience, with engine woes at under 70ks. It was also not IMHO very well built for it's aspirations and nickel and dimed me every service. I wasn't alone in having engine problems either. Berry struggled to get supply for engine swaps and Voldat has a dead low km D5 in for a…
  • Yep, these are hugely underrated cars. Our 5 gen (previous model) has been excellent at 'being a car' as PB says, way beyond our expectations. HG issues were largely gone after the 4 gen unless you neglected to change the oil... Not a thing in 6 gen cars. We like the cars and brand so much that our 5 gen is going to make…
  • Actually a very good point about the interior. The Phase 1 S/V40 had Bridge of Weir leather (i.e. the real deal) that nobody seemed to look after so almost all of them are trashed by now. We've been through a few sets of barely there fronts over 5 years that eventually disintegrated because they were already headed that…
  • We don't have a T4 but a regular NA 2.0. Can confirm parts are getting harder to find. They can generally be had, but depending what it is, could take a bit of time and effort to source. That said, this is true of many older cars so it's not unusual in that regard.
  • All the recommendations I've seen are to inspect regularly at seven years plus for cracking etc but ideally replace them, with a max lifespan of ten years. Out second car was near 8 years on original tyres because it was my mum's originally and does stupid low k's. Lived most of its life in the garage. Tyres still looking…
  • Could be, but it still comes down to the market for such a thing - and I'd doubt anyone would pay 12K unless it was a collector with deep pockets and a love for old Volvos. Even then it would need to be super low k's and museum condition, which it isn't. If the seller is right, you've got thousands into a respray, new…
  • Yeah the original price was more like it. If you were a chancer you might have tried doubling it, but over 12k? Don't tell 'em they're dreaming, tell 'em they're psychotic :)
  • What he said. The wood trim alone is sought after so call Mark before scrapping it.