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  • https://classicthrottleshop.com/1995-volvo-850-t-5r/ I believe the car you refer to is this one, it was for sale for nearly a year starting at $40,000. Its now sold for $34,000
  • https://www.goo-net-exchange.com/usedcars/VOLVO/850_ESTATE/700080003430200227001/index.html
  • There's a yellowT5R wagon for sale in Japan, big $$$$
  • Use the stone chips on bonnet Front bumper I'd want to see the seats without the sheep skin covers off them Full dash lights lit up, when were the speedo/odometer gears last changed. Wheel bearings/drive shafts age? Serviced. There's enough room …
  • Think of it as finding a good starting point in current market prices, then if you really like the 850R that you've always lusted after, you'll restore it. Always negotiate the price though, it takes alot of money to restore cars. Its either your …
  • I've seen Volvos with 640,000klms on original motors still going, but regular maintenance kept them going, engine rebiulds are easy enough so long as everything documented. Check for things like cv drive shaft replacement, gearbox serviceing, wheel…
  • A serious car for a serious buyer, very nice.
  • Nice one mate, good weather, cold beer and success with the car... 😁 🍻 I'm investigating cv drive shafts for auto 850Rs, seems that there's thicker drive shafts and heavier duty knuckles from V70's that fit auto 850Rs
  • Must've been hot in WA today or were you playing Slim Dustys Pub with no Beer 😁 Hold on its you who started WA's Corona Virus going by those empty bottles 😂🤣😁😎
  • It's probably not that hard to copy the same design just using after market bits and pieces, I'm just to old & can't be bothered to chase things up the way I did in the 1990's
  • See the 850R cooler thread, same as that.
  • Plan was to wash n clean area but rain clouds were gathering and wanted to get it done, it's an easy job to remove battery & tray so I'll add it to the future to do list. This is the IPD auto oil cooler, purchased in US$, so it's not cheap, abo…
  • https://cdn.ozvolvo.org/uploads/137/LEQSCZZS8DSN.jpg First stage of mount up https://cdn.ozvolvo.org/uploads/465/JQL8HJ3KL8SG.jpg Don't tighten mounting bolts till hoses are secured and cable tied so they don't rub on anything that can hole them. h…
  • https://cdn.ozvolvo.org/uploads/962/2J2ZT6PFRRNF.jpg Undo original return input at gearbox. https://cdn.ozvolvo.org/uploads/259/UCNN66HRN4QH.jpg Connect original return to input hose of IPD oil cooler. https://cdn.ozvolvo.org/uploads/106/I4HF66LSC…
  • https://cdn.ozvolvo.org/uploads/317/7J0VYEUAFQGQ.jpg Becarefull not to damage temp sensor. https://cdn.ozvolvo.org/uploads/259/REI27X33FMIY.jpg Mounts to lower air con bracket each side, reusing same bolt hole with longer bolt & spacer pipe. h…
  • https://cdn.ozvolvo.org/uploads/180/UGZOZK7CZ7SH.jpg Installed and working, took 70/80mins, fits perfectly, seriously nice bit of design work. Had to add a washer either end of the spacer pipe increase the distance and to stop the threaded end of b…
  • Is there any advantage on a turbo cam with this adjustable cam gear.
  • The Fossil is a happy boy, IPD auto oil cooler arrived today. https://cdn.ozvolvo.org/uploads/322/PYQQNF9S6R36.jpg Nice little job for Friday, well made item.
  • When doing the insurance go to a specialist classic car insurer, get qoute, THEN ask for a limited klm policy and reduced premium. Shannon's did mine sight unseen for $10,000 and said if I produce receipts for major service will increase it. Bundl…
  • That one should work OK, but tachofrom memory has 3 spade connections, I'm not sure but could be converted to 4cylinder
  • Change the fan speed control to later model 4 speed, I have works fine
  • Playing music via a phone blue toothed to your car is now called streaming, just ask the millenialls 🤣😂🤣.... 😁 Im with it baby, the Fossil rocks 😁
  • Call me old fashion but how much boost was that 🤓
  • https://ozvolvo.org/discussion/comment/180931#Comment_180931 Are you serious, you get your auto oil cooler before me (that I rang and told u about & I'm stiiill waiting, 🤪) a week and half ago and you knock back an 850R for that price, Jimbo twi…
  • 29PSI....yee gods.... I read today the auto 850Rs are different spec to the manuals. I put a link up today to an article about it and 850Rs history. https://garagedreams.net/buyers-guide/volvo-850-t-5-t-5r-and-850r-buyers-guide-2020 Apparently It…
  • The bell housing Dosnt bolt to the turbo jimbo, just saying😁 How much boost were you running
  • I'm pretty sure any C/S/V70 MK1(up to 2003/4) has them, try wreckers or Mark at BMG
  • Buy the next one you see, prices only going up and cheaper here. Cancel life insurance as soon as your wife finds out you bought one, you'll know why when you see her face. Insure it straight away and make a to do list up. Once a month fix someth…
  • https://www.volvoclub.org.uk/vin_850.shtml https://www.volvoclub.org.uk/vin_850.shtml
  • https://garagedreams.net/buyers-guide/volvo-850-t-5-t-5r-and-850r-buyers-guide-2020
  • How many 850Rs & T5R's came to Australia, anyone know. A clean 240 is bringing good money now and is a very good car
  • https://carfromjapan.com/cheap-used-volvo-others-1996-for-sale-5d84f947b33350f2cae053d0 Have a look at the prices here, then convert to Aus$ plus import & compliance, rego etc
  • There's a reccesion going on folks, banks are paying less than 2% interest, an old bloke that I spoke to last week that's into classic cars, gave me an education, in these times people are buying gold, future tech shares and classic cars, especially…
  • A full respray =$10, 000 for a quality one Engine rebiuld = $7000ish, again for a quality one Replace worn out out bushes, steering rack, wheel bearings, brake disc's & pads etc = $2000 Rebiuld 24yr old air con =$1500 Engine and sub frame mounts…