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  • I wrote one of my 740T's of in a massive rain storm, bonnet spun around and smashed passengers front window, wasn't a straight panel on it, I opened the door got out and walked away, then bought another one, it proved its safety and protected me. V…
  • I've owned 2 x black 740Turbos, one a HP ,Id have another tommorow easy, but rare to find a well serviced one
  • https://cdn.ozvolvo.org/uploads/432/EXTSHMP21WWR.jpg Modified bulb holder this arvo.
  • https://cdn.ozvolvo.org/uploads/306/DICAGQO9BSB5.jpg $2.20 bulb from Jaycar today, just poked wires in with the resistor to positive wire of holder, I'll finish modifying bulb holder, also do able, bulbs only available in clear, red & blue, was …
  • We'll have to meet up one day Fitzy, your 240 & 740 show alot of rewarding hard work. https://cdn.ozvolvo.org/uploads/073/VGEVFM0FCFJ9.jpg Had this for 31yrs now, currently getting the body work redone as last bare metal respray in these colour…
  • I took the top of fuse box and retainer bolts but ran out of time weather wise, but I'm going to shine a strong torch light up from foot well and see if I can see light from engine bay side.
  • I'll pull it apart again tomorrow and look for possible leak zone
  • I'm going to have to take carpet out, all the plenum chamber covers etc, when I had them out today it looked as if there's gaps beside the fuse box leading down into the cabin
  • Always keep colour original to the Vin to maintain classic car value
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  • I poured water over that fuse box area and some went down the hose with the white stripe in photos, the rest ended up back in the drivers floor.
  • A win and a loss today, again drivers foot well flooded as well as behind drivers seat in rear floor. https://cdn.ozvolvo.org/uploads/149/AL43NHFLSSB4.jpg Removed wipers, plenum chamber cover, and seals. https://cdn.ozvolvo.org/uploads/082/D2AT3RE…
  • It's no where near as bright as in photo, by the time it's placed behind the white plastic screens that clip into the rear of centre arm rest it's enough just to light inside the centre arm rest. The auto indicator light can't use same bulb as it's…
  • https://cdn.ozvolvo.org/uploads/236/0YZK75EE0QA6.jpg Jayxar $2.00 LED each if u buy more than 2. Fold wires down, remove old soldered ones in holder, carefully insert wires into holder and poke wires through side holes before pushing bulb into holde…
  • https://www.swedishcarparts.com/models/4-volvo-850-1993-1997/parts/light-bulbs Try this place for 850 bulbs
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