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  • [SOLD] [gumtree] 1988 240 sedan auto low ks $8750

    Spac wrote: »
    Slowbrick's (dad's) car is the reference point. It was definitely in the top 1%, condition wise.
    It sold quickly enough to show that it wasn't overpriced, but slowly enough (and with enough haggling) that it wasn't a ridiculous bargain for a lucky buyer.

    So... Anyone with a super-good (or even just an above average one) 240 would do well to consider it when they put a price on their car.

    Also another thing that you might find interesting about that sale was that the person who bought it wasn't even a Volvo person. They owned an NS Pajero and were looking for a second car to get around town in that wasnt so big. As it happened they took it for a drive and were taken back by how well it drove. The guy had once upon a time owned and fixed up old Volkswagens but never a Volvo. He made an offer which I turned down as we weren't in a rush to sell the car. He said he would go think about it and before I even got the car back in the garage he was back to accept my counter-offer.

    I could never see the car selling for that much to a real Volvo person because lets face it, alot of us are cheap and love a bargain and are always on the lookout for the next $300 240 regardless of condition. To a regular person the $4000 that it sold for represented good value. Less than 100k on the clock, full service history from when we owned it, near new tyres and 9 months registration.

    Dad did put alot of effort into restoring it back to its former glory and it did spend a fair few hours on a hoist getting age related things fixed.

    That being said that one for 8k might be a bit ambitious. 4k seemed to be the point where we were happy to let an immaculate example of our hobby go while at the same time still seen as reasonable to the regular person.
  • National Meet 2017 Megathread

    Im a maybe with @VolvoHordz. Need to figure out the logistics of getting down there around Rachael's work. If we do come down we will most likely have the 245 as its looking like it should be on the road mid September without even rushing!
  • 1990 240 Sedan $5000

    Good question. Yes I think that Dad's white 240 did have an influence on the prices that we are seeing now. However, and im not just saying this because it was Dad's car, that car was extremely well looked after. Every single car that Dad has owned has been extremely well looked after. The majority of the ones that I am seeing now are just regular examples with lowish k's, aftermarket wheels or a sort of clean body. They arent really that good.

    Now in regards to the prices for the outside people. Yes I have no doubt that if every 240 that goes on sale now has an inflated price that the market will have to respond. They aren't really a desirable car like a Torana or Valiant but to some people they are. One of two things will happen. Either people will start paying these prices and the prices will stay inflated or people wont pay the prices and will move onto something else. Then the prices will fall again.

    Most of the people who contacted me about Dad's 240 were not actually looking for a Volvo. They were people who kind of liked the idea of an old car for the character. So for these people if they saw a 5k 240 and a 3k VK Commodore in similar condition they would probably go for the VK as the badge on the car doesnt really have much bearing on the decision as does the fact its an "old car with character".

    Perhaps these prices are a sign of things to come. I personally do not see it lasting much longer than a year or two. I would have listed Dad's 240 for the same price regardless of what the market was doing because it was a 4k car. Whenever I sell a car I normally work out what I would actually pay for the car + haggle room. Most of the people selling these 5k+ 240s wouldnt actually pay 5k for a 240 but are trying to see if others will.
  • [QLD] RB25 244 Brisbane - $6k

    Rb25 sounds much better than a B230 or SR20. Thats a fact.
  • VIC - 2005 V70R with sik subwoofer!

    Lost me at 12k. Thats $11950 too much.
  • 240 turbo wagon + spares

    Holy hell 7.7k! Seems like now is a good time to build 240 turbos. Could start a business doing them hahaha.
  • [NSW] [ebay] 1990 240 - White - auto - sedan - $6800

    I feel like ive started a thing with the $4000 240 I sold for my dad. In my defense it was a farken nice car and wasnt just bought for bottom dollar and sold in 2 months. Dad put about 3 years worth of work in it to bring it to where it was when we sold it.
  • [sold][gumtree] [qld] 740 Turbo HP Manual with Gemini's $1500

    BJG = Blowjobs GO!
  • [SOLD] [gumtree] 1980 242GT - $900 neg (Darwin, NT)

    I would be so keen to drive to get that. I would be like an episode of Roadkill!
  • [Facebook] 240GL

    Ghettobird wrote: »
    A "Wanker fitting" and some nice hose & shes leak free! never gave me any trouble & looks better than JB weld & silicone

    Ive worked on enough turbo redblocks to hate the stock drain, every single one leaked


    Lol what? What's a wanker fitting?

    Either method of drain works. Tbh I'd rather go with drilling the block as theres much more steel for your fitting to grab hold of. My last +T was a pan job and for a few weeks it leaked like a sieve until I took it to an exhaust shop to be tigged. Even the guy there was like "yeah there ain't alot of material here".

    Stock drains only leak when the o ring is worn or the installer is a monkey and jams it in there breaking the oring on install. Do you really think Volvo would release and use a design for 15 years that didn't work? The B23ET in the wagon has never leaked out of the block drain and is far nicer than the pan job that was in my 240 turbo.

    Further to this I think it's very misleading to say "it's a piece of cake". If this guy has come from Evos where everything snaps together nicely then turboing a 240 is going to be a bit of a learning curve where he will need to splice and make wiring harnesses to fit. He will need to custom make all of his plumbing as well.

    If he has a later model car like you then yes it's the easiest route because there is little to no wiring involved. If he gets a pre 89 then he still needs to install the EZK which is not that easy for the first timer and if he is looking for something like a 77 - 79 to get that "retro" look then he will need to do the entire wiring harness of his choice and also fuel delivery.

    It's not a piece of cake.You just had the easy way out because your car is almost plug and play. Not all 240s are.