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  • Adrian's '63 122S Restoration

    Here is a build thread for my 1963 122S Amazon, first time I have done one of these threads so will see how it goes. I have had the car for a number of years with the original plan to head down a kustom path with it. I had not made a lot of progress, no fundamental changes, when a friend also brought one and we looked at current values.

    This has led to a revision of the plan to first restore it to get back on the road and then modify in a way that can easily be returned to original. I intend to return the car to the original color (mist green).

    When I got the car, it was running but plenty of body work with rust present in all doors, both front guards, bonnet and boot lid. 

    I am currently working on the doors to repair rust damage, replace the door card backing boards which are deteriorated and new seals and guides. 

    One of the back doors rubbed down (in etch primer) ready for repair to rust in the lower area and the channel holding the door seal rubber.

  • '74 164 (T)E Conversion

    A second Volvo project has been added to the 63 122S (plus two others already in the shed). I collected the 164E from @Matros on mud January along with numerous boxes of parts, enough to fill the 164 plus the back of our Territory

    My plan for the car is to upgrade it to TE specification and repaint it in the gold metallic colour. I have previously owned a 164TE which was originally purchased new by my grandfather and passed through the family over 28 years.

    My first task will be to go through all the boxes of parts and list what I have on hand and then work on getting the car running.  

  • VIC - 1974 164E manual and 1973 164TE stripped parts - $1,000 - [Sold]

    Hi all, new member just registered today. I am the one who has agreed to by @Matros 164E (thanks to @carnut222 for letting me know about this).

    I have previously owned a 164TE for around 8 years, my grandfather originally purchased it new in 1975 and it passed through the family. I last saw it in Mt Isa about 16 years ago before relocating back to Victoria.

    My intent will be to restore this back to TE spec as per the previous car I had, in Gold Metallic. Will detail the build of this once I have collected along iwth the Amazon I am also working on.


  • Adrian's '63 122S Restoration

    @VolDan No problem, when you get a chance. I am currently working interstate at the moment and will not be home for a couple more days.

    @bgpzfm142 Thank you for the offer, much appreciated. Not in a hurry for the doors what with only 5 days a fortnight at home to work on the projects.

  • Adrian's '63 122S Restoration

    @carnut222 : Thanks for the advice, I will see if anything turns up here and try Voldat. Otherwise I will grab the other contact and also follow up another one I have been given.

    Once I get back from interstate work I aim to get back onto working on the rear door. I have some replacement channel for the door seal coming to fix a couple of rusted out areas.

  • 5x 164s for parts located Daylesford VIC

    Thanks for the photos. While the upper section looks good there is more rust in the lower area than the one I have. I hope the area is not to rusted and won't need a patch.

  • '74 164 (T)E Conversion

    Finally got through all the boxes that came with the car, around 18 plus a lot of loose parts, and listed what I have on hand. It ended up over five types pages with roughly 400 items. Once I determine what will be added to the car there will be a lot left over that could be available for other 164 projects.

  • VIC - 1974 164E manual and 1973 164TE stripped parts - $1,000 - [Sold]

    Thanks for the thoughts on the transmission, I am still a bit unsure which way to go: the car comes with the manual and not sure how many were as such while the previous TE I had was an auto.

    Once I have collected the car I will start a thread on it and we can pick up teh conversation.


  • Adrian's '63 122S Restoration

    Hi @VolDan , that sounds great. If you can send me some details I can transfer you the money.

    Will follow up with @bgpzfm142 when he is heading over with a trailer and plan for it.

  • '74 164 (T)E Conversion

    I would like to thank @carnut222, I was able to get some parts for the 164 from his collection of cars. Picked up a couple of rear mud-flap attachment brackets, front jack point structure and an automatic selector mechanism and trim. Thanks again and much appreciated.