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  • Now we are really talking Mercedes...

    The Mercedes Benz Grosser, I Iove and know this car well.
    My Father and his 2 business partners each had one of these as their daily drivers when I was a kid. I have been fascinated by this car ever since. It was quite the sight to see all 3 parked together at the house or their office in Chippendale.
    I recall attending the Royal Easter show as a Kid and while queuing on South Dowling street to park, a security guard opened a gate and ushered us in to park thinking we were important. The 600 really does have that kind of presence. There is a book about the car and its history as it had an eclectic owner base, from most of the worlds evil dictators (my dad Included) to musicians and film stars.
    The car was a Hydraulic and Pneumatic engineering marvel and nightmare. Every time I mentioned a desire to own a 600 to my dad, he would remind me of the repair costs.
    Even so, I still tried to buy one some time back. It previously belonged to one of my dad's partners, who fell on hard times and used it as security for a small loan. The car was parked up in a Balmain back yard deteriorating. The fellow who had the car (security for the loan) was no longer friendly with my dad but dad made the introduction for me to buy the car anyway. After I made the purchase inquiry, the guy put the 600 on ebay as a nice FU gesture to us.
    This is what the car looked like at the time. It got about 25k on ebay in 2008 IIRC.


    It is worth noting the M100 engine has mechanical injection and in 2008 the MB list price for the fuel injection pump was something ridiculous like 30K :open_mouth:

    And yes, foolishly I still lust after this car and would own one tomorrow finances permitting.
    I will dig through the photo albums and look for some photos of our Dads car.

    My Dad finally parted ways with the 600 for an RR Corniche hardtop. What is funny about this is Top gear did a special between Jeremy Clarkson in his MB 600 and James May in his RR Park Ward. This special is about as close as I will get to owning either. I blame both the 600 and the Corniche for my unhealthy attraction to large luxo barges i cant afford.

    Sorry for my rant, Im clearly still not over the sale of the 600. Cool memories though!

  • Road-tripped my newly acquired '92 240 1000 kms home from Brissy. Observations and questions

    I have a newly acquired '92 240. A good friend was kind enough to inspect and purchase on my behalf as the car was in QLD.
    We flew up to Brissy Friday for a weekend with my mate and a NSW UVP to drive the 240 home 1000 kms to Sydney.
    The 240 made the trip without incident, and was very comfy and quiet. I also think it returned reasonable fuel consumption at about 9.0 L / 100 kms. I am also amazed how many people rubber necked the car looking for number plates, and that we didnt get stopped by police once! I must say the NSW UVP scheme has my vote, $27.00 and valid for one week to get the vehicle home by the most direct and practical route (no toll roads for obvious reasons) including CTP.

    I have noticed a a few quirks that need addressing, but they are minor.
    1. The indicator stalk when partially moved moved down / left does not activate the left indicators for lane change. you need to move the stalk until it "clicks" on. This works fine when moving the stalk up / right. Is this a known or common fault? I am hoping it is a dirty contact.
    3. I am getting very cold water in the front foot wells. I assume this is condensation from the aircon. Should there be a drain for this water?
    4. on occasion I hear what could best be described as a vacuum flutter. Guessing again, but I think this may be from the brake booster?
    5. I need a twin filament brake globe holder for the left rear brake light. Does any one in Sydney have a spare they would part with? (I will also update my part wanted thread)

    I will post some better photos of the 240 in the next day or so.
    Yes, I have the missing hub cap :)



  • The 940S Conundrum

    The 940S is slowly returning to her former glory.

    I had a win this week with the AC. Sam Hewitt checked the system for leaks and once it was determined the system held vacuum, he added gas and dye.

    The compressor ran when powered directly, so we knew there was a small issue elsewhere with switching the AC on.

    A bit of googling revealed there is a known fault with the 9V relay inside the control panel. The panel was surprisingly easy to remove and open, and I was presented with this.

    A quick de-solder and re-flow with fresh solder and verification of a clean joint under magnification.

    The AC is nice and cold and well worth the effort and time spent.

    The argument to save the old girl is definitely getting stronger.

  • Greg's 79 245GL Barn Find

    Greg, whenever I return to OZVolvo after I hiatus, catching up on your projects is always a highlight. Superb attention to detail, very nice.

  • deNs' 1993 940 GL Wagon - "Odin"

    I installed a full set of RDA discs on my wife's "park at the train station" VS commodore. No issues to report.

    I did like the surface treatment. The clamping surface coating wears off but it did seem to protect the rest of the disc from getting that rusty look.

  • The 940S Conundrum

    having a 3D printer has proven handy.

  • Greg's 79 245GL Barn Find

    Got my “new” clutch kit from Classic Swede in the UK (along with RHD turbo downpipe for the other 240)...well, I think he found the pressure plate with the wreck of the Titanic...awaiting Dai’s reply on what he wants to do about it. Not really wanting to just try and clean off the corrosion given I paid 80 pounds plus a bit of extra shipping for it. Grrrr!

    "NOOS" - New OLD-OLD stock?
  • [VIC] 1972 142 (Snowball) Arctic White (SOLD)

    No AC though :'(
    This might be worth considering for the next owner

  • Door / key in chime

    I assume you've seen the one on YouTube that plays Africa by toto? I'd kill for one that plays 'show me your genitals' by Jon Lajoie.

    Yes, this is my motive, as tragic as that sounds but not for Toto. Blister in the Sun
    And my wife and I just pissed ourselves laughing at show me your genitals. I cant believe I havent seen this before.
  • 240 parts needed

    Its the small clock mounted in the upper space to the right of the radio.
    This is what the mounting tabs on the mirror trim look like.