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244GL X CREAM 78? (SOLD IN1983), 1996 850 SE WAGON SILVER (SINCE NEW)86K (SOLD 2002) 1996 850SE WHITE 96K (WRITTEN OFF IN 2017) 1996 850SE SEDAN SILVER (48000KM) , 2009 C30 T5 BLACK AUTO, (50K), 1996 TOYOTA MR2 MAN NA, 100K, 2002 FORD AU2 UTE 50K, 1998 V70R BLACK MAN 220K, 2002 V70T silver since new 170K


  • SKANDIX delivery system

    I tried ringing Auspost since I had no tracking.
    They had no trouble finding the DHL tracking number on their system and said it was out for delivery today.
    God knows why they cant let me access that info.
    Auspost delivered at 2pm today; 1 week since it landed in Melbourne from Frankfurt.
    Sorry for the fuss but at least I learnt a few things from the forum today.
    Thanks for your comments.
    Skandix doesn't suck after all.
    They even replied to my email today.

  • 850 Keyless door opener

    Just came across this old thread.
    If anyone is interested I have some info on these remotes which may help others with the same relay.
    Picked up a new 850 sedan without remotes but the battery went dead car could not be started.
    Immobiliser key over-ride emergency switch was in the glove box but we had no key or remote to disable the immobiliser so had to hot wire the glove box key switch to get the car started again.
    Our other 850 with working remotes was about to be junked by the insurers so we swapped that one over - basicly a straight swap.
    The Australian immobiliser is a straight swap out of the genuine volvo relay which for some reason was not used here as far as I know. The aussie one is very el-cheapo in a crude black plastic box with a home made looking perspex plated relay substitute . I've seen better chinese immobilisers with central locking on ebay which could work just as well.
    Also found a company based in Perth that will sell genuine spare remotes for these units. You dont even have to send them the old one as they can provide a new one from a picture for around $65 each or they will repair the old one for around $20.

    Company name is Dynamco 10 Brown street East Perth WA 6004
    Contact is Damian Shelton


  • Wrecked cars - who will take them

    I cant wait months to sell something parked in my driveway.
    Wife's time frame is 2 weeks.
    Think minimalism
    If she had her way house would be like Eddie's friend Bettina's apartment in Absolutely Fabulous:nlx0z8db4z10.png

  • Winding back odometer

    Low k cars can also suffer from carbon build up.
    If the car has been driven too sedately or frequent short trips it can be a problem.
    Engine never gets a chance to properly heat up an burn off the carbon.
    My son worked at Trivett BMW for a while and a few 335i came in with carbed up everything.
    Solution was for the mechanic to take it for a hard drive and tell the customer to change their driving style!
    gavinhegads[Deleted User]
  • [sold] [ebay] 1998 v70 R manual

    The intrinsic value of that car is in its uniqueness.

    V70R Wagon, Manual, Black on Black.

    They just dont grow on trees like that in that perfect combination.

    Its hard enough to find a decent V70r auto let alone a manual one. There are hardly any ordinary manual 850 or s60 out there either.

    At 5400 its a no brainer.

    I've looked at many 2003/4 v70r, all around 23k with 150 to 200k but all auto. At 23k too much for a car that is only an auto. Those geartronic boxes can be a Pita and cant be bothered with remapping to be reliant on solenoids to make the changes for me. My geartronic was herky jerky from day one and none of volvos updates helped.

    Only v70r manual I have seen was a 300k blue one 6 years ago, owned by a wine rep and I think Mark from Berry had a good one that might have been manual that went for 18. A few manual 850r & T5 sedans& a few 2003 s60r have been sold for between 10 & 18k. Maybe I missed one but I've been a regular scout for a manual 850r wagon or v70r for past 7 years. I think that black 850r in ViC at 25k was from tassie where it sold for 10.
  • [NSW] 1995 850 - SC811- Stereo - with code - $110

    jimbo, you might be confusing that with a black 816
    I could be wrong but I think just about every 1996 850 here came with a black SC811 so not rare.
    When the SC816 came out in mid to late 96 they badged the aussie sedans an 850 CD I think.
    They were starting to throw in leather seats as well because Mercedes & saab were doing it as well and car sales then weren't crash hot. Neither was the economy; it was just beginning to turn.
    I have strong recollection of that as I ordered an 850SE wagon from Denlo in October 96 and it came with the SC816 but did not have the "CD" badge. I still remember thinking how fantastic the stereo sounded on a perfect blue sky Friday making its maiden journey down to Jervis bay, playing an ABC "blooms" CD. One of my favourite life moments! That's a sad old confession I can hear you thinking. But a CD player in a car was mind blowing for me after having driven around in a daggy EA falcon for a few lean years
  • [sold] [ebay] 1998 v70 R manual

    My Mechanical Engineer son Nick bought it. And yes it was the v70r from Berry Motors. Josh (also an Engjneer) bought it from Mark and it stayed unregistered for 3 years , it has only been registered for 1 year on NSW. Service record is excellent, we can only assume the only reason Berry aquired it & flicked it on at 4k was due to a fully disabled AWD. Not sure if my son is interested in fixing that, he is happy to leave it as FWD for the moment as it feels great to drive and that is coming ftom someone who has only ever driven Mr2's. Car is in very good condition and well detailed; there are a few minor scuffs and 1 tiny door ding but I am sure we will find more gremlins other than just the ABS & tracs errors. The clearcoat on the roof & bonnet is starting to fade and there is an white area of delamination on bonnet. But still looks amazing in all its blackness. Interior is beautiful, no issues there other than broken plastic finger lift on console lid and a tiny plastic tail trim at the base of the weather seal on the back door that fell off when we got the car home this afternoon. There is nice sublty to the exhaust note and a lovely growl inside the cabin when giving it some juice in 2nd. We are grateful for josh keeping his word on this sale as we understand lots of ppl have since offered a lot more for it. We only went down to the gong to place a deposit and make sure there was nothing majorly wrong with it other than the AWD before rego expires tomorrow. Josh was supposed to get us a pink slip tomorrow but after we came back from a test drive he put us on the spot by saying he wanted it fully paid for today or another guy
    would be taking it at 8. We only had 500 on us but managed to wrangle a cash transfer to seal its fate. Just hope it passes pink slip tomorrow as it definately needs new front tyres and will soon need rears as well. Sorry we missed the meet at Pie in the Sky today. We will try to make it next time as its just up the road.

  • SKANDIX delivery system

    Yes I've noticed that with IPD.
    Particularly since the change in ownership.
    AS it turns out Skandix does seem to offer a more personalized service.

    In the last email from Florian in the Skandix sales team he said:
    "We can also offer TNT Express delivery if you need some spare parts earlier.
    But for TNT delivery we need to ask them for a price for every single package and for bigger parts this option is more expensive. If you have an urgent request, please write me before and I'll tell you the shipping costs."

  • [sold] [ebay] 1998 v70 R manual

    "Volvo wagons can fit a club lounge armchair"
    Forget the armchair mate, how about a 2 metre long Moran 3 seater Club Lounge into an 850 wagon?
    The tailgate was fully closed.
    But my gut was squashed over the steering wheel , my face was pressed up against the windscreen and something else was wedged else was up hard against the drive selector
    Lucky it was just a 20k trip from David Jones city store, and in 1999 when Sydney's roads were'nt half as crowded..
  • 96 turbo cranks and no start

    I assume you've checked the fuse box for the fuel pump circuit?
    I had that happen to me once on my brand new excavator after only a year.
    Can you believe they combined the fuel pump circuit with the horn circuit!!!
    The horn trigger wire intermittently chafed on a lever in the joystick and was blowing the fuse.
    Wasted a day to figure that out after first replacing the perfectly ok fuel pump.
    Bobcats now made in mexico so what do you expect, but engineered in US so cant really blame the mexicans