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  • RESCHEDULED: Oz Volvo Nationals 2022 - Sawtell NSW

    Nationals are back! In 2022 we are going to Sawtell on the NSW mid-north coast!

    I'll cut right to the chase, here's the registration link: https://ozvolvo.org/nationals

    Mark yourself going on the Facebook events too for easy notifications of updates etc

    On social media remember to include the hashtag #ozvolvonats so that I can be an influencer


    This itinerary is a work-in-progress and the specifics may change at any time. The official, finalised itinerary will be e-mailed to you in November.

    Friday 1/04

    • It's Friday Night Hangz! Starting at 7pm, this is the early-bird unwind for anyone arriving on Friday afternoon/evening
    • This event will be held at Attitude Burgers in Coffs Harbour, which is a 15-minute drive from BIG4 Sawtell

    Saturday 2/04

    • Show'n'shine: the main event! This will kick off around 11am at the Village Green, which is part of the BIG4 Sawtell holiday park. If you're curious about the space, you can find it on Google Maps. It is located to the northeast of the corner of Parrot Street & Kookaburra Road, Sawtell. Instructions for entering the grounds will be sent out in November.
    • The venue is a grassy area lined by trees, so some natural shade will be available
    • Saturday dinner: there will be a dinner venue organised for Saturday evening, details for this are still being confirmed

    Sunday 3/04

    • Cruise: we usually run a cruise from about 9am Sunday to take in some of the local area. Full details and route are TBC at this stage.
    • This event is pretty casual as not everyone can make it due to the long drives home


    BIG4 Sawtell have provided the space for this year's show'n'shine, and have also organised discount accommodation with options ranging from campsites up to full cabins. To book you will need to call the resort and mention you are booking as part of the Oz Volvo show. Their number is (02) 6648 4485. More information here: accommodation options

    >>> register here <<<

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  • Oz Volvo National Meet 2018 - Canberra ACT

    More good news - Berry Motor Group are sponsoring the Best in Show trophy this year 😀
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  • Oz Volvo National Meet 2018 - Canberra ACT

    Excited to say Bowden's Own have come back on as a sponsor, and they are giving us even more prizes than in previous years 😃as well as sample pots for the showbags!
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  • National Meet 2017 Megathread

  • Oz Volvo Nationals 2019 - 8-10 November, Bathurst NSW

    • November 8-10, 2019
    • Show'n'shine will be behind the National Motor Racing Museum at Mt Panorama
    • More details to follow
    • Register at https://ozvolvo.org/nationals
  • Oz Volvo Nationals 2019 - 8-10 November, Bathurst NSW

    Good news everyone! Due to the number of people attending, the Panorama have decided to give us the whole ground floor of their bistro with its own bar from 6-9pm on Saturday night 🤩

  • Oz Volvo Mini-Nats 2020 // BooSTeRS show'n'shine - Canberra

    Thanks everyone who came along today, it was a really great show and my only regret is not putting my hat on sooner because I got a little bit toasted by the unexpectedly clear skies. I'm blown away by the cross-section of Volvos we had, including a PV 544, which I'm pretty sure is the first time I've ever seen one in-person in Australia.

    BEST WAGON: Kyle's (sorry guy I forgot your username) 1988 240. There were only four wagons this year which was quite a surprise. Kyle put some effort into a rat-rod style lean-into-the-patina look with skis on the roof and a selection of cassette tapes and Volvo brochures, all period-correct. The black rims with chrome hub rings tied it all together nicely.

    BEST NOT-A-WAGON: Sam's 1974 142S - I really liked the work Sam has put into this since I last saw the 142 with its previous owner at the 2019 Nationals

    BEST MODIFIED: Danilo's (@T3rrorbyt3) 1963 Amazon wagon, you may remember this one sitting on a trailer at the 2018 Canberra Nationals, it is now running and registered and I'm in love with the engineering that has gone into it - a really spectacular and unique build.

    I didn't manage to get a photos of half of the cars, and apparently the official event photographer was a no-show (that guy is cancelled) so please post any photos you have here.

  • Oz Volvo National Meet 2018 - Canberra ACT

    Oh boy!

  • Oz Volvo National Meet 2018 - Canberra ACT

    Registrations are now CLOSED

    60 cars registered
  • National Meet 2017 Megathread

    Getting close to finishing the trophies