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  • Hi Philip_Bear

    Just had my xc90 looked at by the Sydney automatic transmission guys and they said the engine issues were due to the valve body playing up. A new valve body put in will be $2500, supplied and fitted and a complete trans rebuild will be $5800!!

    The trans is not playing up whilst doing normal driving but only when doing low speeds and slowing down or shifting into reverse when warms up. Do you think just a trans flush could help? It's a 2010 D5 and they are said to have better trans now.

    What would you suggest mate? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

    June 2017
  • It is send me your mobile and i can send pics over, genuine harness still cable tied to rear of car
    0412 192269 is mine so txt me your number and can send pics
    June 2017
  • Hey mate. Going to get a DICE, any advice before I buy one and any idea of which ones on eBay to steer clear from, or better still whic one to buy from
    March 2017
  • gavinh
    Hello Philia Bear,
    you have made some coments in regards to a 264 i recently purchased. Well i picked up a 960 for the 3.0l engine and gearbox for $500 to go in the 264. i was wondering if you know of anyone in australia who supply or make mounts for the engine? also doning some reading and talking with a few people over here they have mentioned that its easier to run the engine on MS and running the auto box on a seperate standalone system to do away with fitting a tone ring and picking up a signal from else were for the gearbox ecu?
    would you have any information on this?

    Regards Gav
    March 2017
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  • Hey Mike what do youbthinj about Adams V70 R very interested
    September 2016
  • morgan
    Any luck digging out the manifold yet ?
    August 2016
  • Hi Bear,
    I'm guessing from some of your posts you are located in NSW.

    You seem to be a wealth of knowledge on this forum and as I'm only starting out here, you have already been a great help. I've seen you have checked a few cars out for other forum members.

    Was wondering if you could help me with any info about a car I enquired on.

    I reckon the Reg from the photos is


    I'm in Victoria and as you pointed out the xc90 pickings are pretty slim.

    This one caught my eye being low km and an 09 ocean race. Spoke to the dealer today and his first offer back to me was 17600 but said he could swing 17. I reckon I can squeeze a bit more out of him but it needs to be worthwhile to go interstate for.

    Hoping you can help


    August 2016
  • morgan
    Are we still good to post ? I need your bank details ?
    August 2016
  • morgan
    Hi I'm working in hoppers crossing all that weekend , if you drop it off to me I'll pay you cash and shout you lunch !
    August 2016
  • morgan
    Hi how much would a oil squirter block that does not need need rebuilding cost me transported in Melbourne ?
    Berrys we're going to rebuild me one but starting to look like will come
    In at 5g just for the rebuilt engine and was hoping to get it fitted for that sort of money !
    Thanks Darren
    June 2016