Oz Volvo Nationals VI

November 8-10 2019, Bathurst NSW


As with everything at Oz Volvo, we're funded by the enthusiast community. Event registration is a flat $30 per vehicle.

Entry costs pay for venue hire, trophies, lunch, and also help to fund Oz Volvo for the next year. In addition to the trophies, we will have some sponsored prizes to give away!

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Everyone attending automatically enters the show'n'shine. This is a very casual, rather than a formal concours event, and your Volvo will be welcome no matter how pristine or beaten-up it is!

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This helps us divide the show'n'shine categories fairly, so we don't end up with one car in one category and 30 cars in another category.
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Additional Volvos

If you want to bring more than one of your Volvos, a second entry can be purchased at half-price. This offer only applies to Volvos you yourself own. Instructions are provided at the end of this registration process.

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