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I spent all my money on my Volvo, just take me back to the forums

New clothing store

Organising runs of t-shirts is quite difficult. We've now opened a merch store on Spreadshirt. These are the same high-quality t-shirts we used in previous one-off print runs, but now you can buy whenever!


No Volvo would be complete without one. White laser-cut vinyl, 20cm across, 100% awesome and only $6 each!

Oz Volvo Vinyl Sticker

Note: use care when peeling these, the small parts around the logo can be tricky!


Oz Volvo subscribers keep the site online. It's $2/month! If the forums helped you, consider helping us.

Supporters get the "$" account bling with their posts, and access to the Oz Volvo Subscriber Lounge on Facebook.

Hate subscribing? You can also make one-off donations via PayPal.

If you'd rather donate by bank transfer, contact for details.

Custom Merch

Oz Volvo is happy to design custom decals for events, especially if they're for a good cause. Contact James at to discuss it further.