1998 Saffron v70r

Hi all,

Figured i'd make a thread for my 1998 v70r

I wonder if someone here might recognise it - it was previously owned by a guy called Nathan who lived around Epping (NSW). Maybe he was a member of the forum?

This thing has been a pain in the bum over the last few years; I've had the engine out twice since late 2020.

The first engine fell victim to a bad timing belt (belt, tensioners and WP were done by the previous owner and were still well within the recommended replacement interval).

The second broke because my dad ignored/failed to notice an oil warning light that came on when one of the engine oil cooler hoses popped off (he's not allowed to borrow the car anymore!).

I finished putting the most recent engine in about a month or so ago. Have only done about 350km since but all seems to be well so far (I hope I'm not tempting fate with this thread, hopefully I've got all my bad luck out of the way by now).

So now it's onto little repairs that will be done when my meagre uni student budget allows.

Have just finished replacing some broken boot trim, a brake light lens and a dodgy fuel door actuator (wouldn't open at a petrol station so I had to force it open - didn't have enough fuel to get home).

I also painted my grille black. Might not be to everyone's taste but I think it's a big improvement. Popped off the logo and masked off the outside edge and just hit it with some Rustoleum flat black. Cheaper than getting an egg crate grille and looks just as good IMO.



The next job is to put some braided brake lines on. I noticed that the rubber ones that are on there now are starting to crack. I have the lines ready to go, just got to find the time to put them on.

Also planning on repainting the bumper and replacing the missing foglight at some point (if anyone has a foglight for sale let me know). Gonna do a DIY job with those colour-match spray cans. Have used them on another car with some success, and even if I get a less-than-professional finish it'll still look better than it does now.



  • radoSteve'o @rado Shoalwater or Bunbury WA

    Very nice 😎

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    Hi Arthur,

    Love the car, I have your previous engine sitting in my garage. Stripped head bolts repaired, it did have a slightly bent rod too. Now has china forged rods in it.

    Wth those annoying oil cooler lines, you can fit a later model oil pan on with the cooler mounted directly to it. Need the pickup to match the pan. Then you need the rear water pipe that has the extra coolant outlets to feed the cooler. Pain in the ass job but with bits from wreckers it cost me less than 100 bucks to do that.

    Also there is a small wire you can pull from in the boot incase your fuel door gets stuck again

  • glad to hear it went to good use!

    yeah I'm really suspicious of my oil cooler lines now. i got a brand new set and have put hose clamps around the little metal clips that hold the hoses to the radiator as a backup (same with trans cooler too).

    will definitely consider swapping oil pan around. i think ill be paranoid about these oil lines until I get rid of them hahahaha

  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    I BOUGHT a V70R that had the lines smashed in an off the road bush "adventure" of PO.

    I thought one looked good enough to be reused but the metal part was too restricted and it blew off the hose with engine started.......mates driveway......old black oil.......

    I was planning a filter cooler off take block as then a better separate cooler up front could be used.

    Nice car!

  • The painted grille really makes it look more sporty, I like it!

  • AshDVSAsh @AshDVS - Geelong, VIC

    I like the black grille too.

    I probably have a fog light in my parts stash if you need one and can help with new ADR approved braided lines too.

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