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  • I happened to come across an old Manheim auctions listing for a 2002 V40 T4 manual! I have never seen a phase 2 T4 in Australia before and thought they had been discontinued (I have a Volvo press release from April 2001 saying the T4 was discontinued).

    I looked up the VIN in VIDA and it shows as a MY2003 T4 with B4204T5 engine so it really is a T4.

    Must be the rarest V40 in the country. Wish I had seen it when it came up for auction...

  • SpacSpac @Spac Canberra-ish.
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    Did a bit of investigation with half shafts today.

    Nothing conclusive yet, but getting some things clearer…

    The gearbox end is the same between auto and M56 - all three diameters, and spline count.

    The wheel end has either of two diameters - 26mm for NA, and 27mm for Turbo. The 26mm is the same as Mitsubishi Mirage/Lancer (CB, CC, CE at least).

    Turbo auto and Turbo manual (M56) are very similar in length. The manual ones are about 5mm longer, but it is hard to say for sure with the CV boots.

    All of the x40 and Mitsubishi half shafts I have on hand, have M22x1.5 thread on the wheel end. Mitsu use 32mm AF nuts, Volvo use 36mm AF, but the thread is the same.

    Short version is that I am pretty certain that you can use turbo auto half shafts in a turbo manual car (and vice-versa).

    I kind of stopped once I discovered that the late NA manual half-shafts will join an M56 to Mitsubishi hubs - this answered my main question…

    Edit: Also just worked out that NA Auto half shats should join a M56 to Mitsu hubs.

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