[VIC] 740 Sedan at Jolly's wreckers

Was looking through various wreckers just to see what's around and noticed a fairly tidy 740 sedan at Jolly's that looks like it was just put onto the yard yesterday:

Silver paint, Tan interior, B230F, RACV badge on the dash. My money would be on it being a deceased estate car :(

Link: https://www.jollysupullit.com.au/Jollys/ProductNewDetails?Aid=617914&BranchName=Dandenong

Bit of a shame really as it looks pretty complete and clean, especially for something sent to the wreckers.



  • Cheers for posting this. Need the interior plastics badly. Hopefully mostly still there when the lockdown lifts.

  • lockdown doesn't seem to stop the self-serve wreckers being full of people

  • I'm not hugely surprised given that much like workshops, wreckers might be considered 'essential' in order for people to keep their cars running..

    At least with Jollys, unlike other wreckers, they're generally pretty good at updating their systems when stuff is sold from a car, so you can check that page again before going and get an idea of what's been pulled from it already and if it's worth taking the trip down.

  • Yeah Jolly's is quite strict with updating their system based on each car, provided the customer was honest about which car they took it from! The 5km rule only has to be obeyed if you can find your essential items within the 5kms. I think a lot of folk are thinking car = essential, therefore car parts = essential, therefore 5km rule = void 😊

  • If anyone is obeying stupid "lockdowns" they are part of the problem.

    So far as this vehicle is anyone going to see if they can save the whole vehicle?

    I'd like the tail lights if they are good, but rather not start asking for parts of she has a chance of revival. I'm not in the silly state so I can only buy small stuff off it.

  • jamesincJames @jamesinc Oz Volvo Ice Fortress

    @ToomanyVolvos on-topic rule applies

  • Thanks @jamesinc

    For those who don't know (ie you're probably outside Victoria) wreckers are allowed to open...

  • It was on topic, since part of the topic is the impact of this nonsense on such things.

  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    The impact of surviving a pandemic you mean? Please show a copy of your degree in medicine then.

    I loved going to Jolly's, there used to be heaps of P80 cars to get great parts from and other great brand models I liked to check out too.

  • jamesincJames @jamesinc Oz Volvo Ice Fortress

    On topic in this thread is "can I (legally) go to this wrecker given the lockdown" offtopic is general opinions on lockdowns. I'm not removing the comment just putting a reminder up in case anyone was thinking about responding, arguing, or otherwise making this thread about that.

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    Forums are about facts and opinions right?

    I expressed a well informed opinion on how the absurdity and tyranny of lockdowns mustn't be allowed to affect the above topic, which appears to have been a moot point since you are "allowed". Agreed, engaging on that topic further is off topic, like asking for degrees in medicine.

  • Too bad I have LHS driver carpet placed on my car. One month young as my 740GL.

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