Wrecking - 1998 V70T

AshDVSAsh @AshDVS - Geelong, VIC
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In the next fortnight or so, I'll have a 1998 V70T that I'll be wrecking.

It's auto, LPT has a sunroof and is Garnet Red in colour.

  • Engine has dropped cyl #3 but is already spoken for as a donor/mock up engine for another project.
  • Interior is charcoal and I'll use a lot of it.

Other than that, the rest is available.

Panels are pretty good. Paint on the bonnet is poor, not yet sure about the roof, but the rest appears to be quite good.

Small parts can be posted/shipped.

Larger items are pickup-only.



  • I am keen on lots of small parts like brake pressure sensor, left over charcoal interior bits, other small parts, brake controller, trim parts etc. Does it have tracs?

  • Does this have the m44 ecu? I'd be keen on that, if it is?

  • Brehon47Tiny @Brehon47 Castle Hill NSW 2154



    Are the ABS and sensors available? Please confirm price if so by PM.



  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    My old car?

  • radoSteve'o @rado Shoalwater or Bunbury WA

    Damn , late to the party

  • I may also be interested in the wiring engine wiring harness.

  • AshDVSAsh @AshDVS - Geelong, VIC

    No worries. Leave this one with me. This is the primary reason for picking it up for me. I already have the majority of the grey interior parts I needed, but having a whole car to pick from will be handy.

    There'll obviously be parts that are duplicates. How about I let you know what's left when I've gone through it and grabbed what I need?

    Regarding TRACS, I'm actually not sure. Someone can chime in and confirm whether the T variants have TRACS like the T5, or I'll just let you know once I've picked it up.

    Not sure but I'll keep the ECU, loom and engine together for a while so possibly not available. I'll update if this changes.

    Let me confirm they are functional/lights not on first. I'll likely pick it up next week. I'll keep you posted directly or update this thread (happy to do whatever is easiest)

    No idea really. Wasnt your Garnet red one an R?

  • AshDVSAsh @AshDVS - Geelong, VIC

    I'm picking this up on Tuesday but am away next weekend so I'll have a better understanding of it all over the Easter weekend.

    Ill post some pics as soon as I have it.

  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.
    edited March 2021

    I had a V70T in the colour as well but may have gone to Sims...

    It was the hilariously fast one with big intercooler piping in RIP setup and big eBay intercooler with an MBC I just wound up a few times for fun, it pulled like a train down low.....

  • AshDVSAsh @AshDVS - Geelong, VIC
    edited March 2021

    Here's some pics. I don't yet have interior pics.

  • GeorgeVolvoGeorge @GeorgeVolvo Melbourne, Victoria

    Hi Ash, I’m after some interior parts if you don’t need them & if they’re available? Namely the cup holder in the centre console lid, the gearshift surround & radio surround. I have wood grain in my C70 which I hate & would prefer plain grey if possible. Maybe the glove box lid too? Thanks

  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    It is possible to chip off the wood look, if you need to scrape just sand it smooth and use plastic paint to get whatever finish needed.

    I spent time doing beige to black years ago. And some Polestar Blue for effect in rear of wagon...

  • AshDVSAsh @AshDVS - Geelong, VIC

    Hey George,

    I'll let you know what state these are in once I've picked it up. Funny you should mention plain grey rather than woodgrain actually - I'm doing a swap to V70R aluminium trim in mine (from beige with woodgrain to grey with aluminium), but I have wondered if plain grey might simply look better again.

    That said, I'm already committed to the aluminium as I'm going to build what is essentially a French/UK spec FWD V70R (they got FWD and AWD R models there, whereas we just got AWD R variants) from my V70T5, so the grey trim sections will be available.

  • GeorgeVolvoGeorge @GeorgeVolvo Melbourne, Victoria

    Excellent - I’ll wait to hear from you, thanks for letting me know.

    The aluminum trim was actually my preference but I can’t seem to find a set anywhere! If you change your mind I’d definitely be interested, otherwise may even consider wrapping the plain grey...

    Thanks again & I look forward to swinging past & seeing what other goodies you have too 👍

  • radoSteve'o @rado Shoalwater or Bunbury WA

    Is the ac compressor good Ash ? Willing to post ?

  • AshDVSAsh @AshDVS - Geelong, VIC

    No worries.

    I ended up getting my aluminium trim set from the UK, though I did manage to pick up the V70R seats and blue dial cluster locally. V70R front and rear bumpers were locally sourced too.

    A lot of the R bits and pieces are getting harder and harder to come by now. Last time I built a P80 V70, the desirable parts were more easily available.

  • AshDVSAsh @AshDVS - Geelong, VIC

    Not sure yet. I'll know later in the week (pickup is tomorrow).

    The engine is spoken for already for another potential project. I'll let you know (following some discussion tomorrow) as to whether the compressor is required or not.

    If it's ok and isn't spoken for, no problem to ship (happy to ship anything I can box up and send via AusPost).

  • radoSteve'o @rado Shoalwater or Bunbury WA

    Okay, no problem Ash , legend 👍

  • AshDVSAsh @AshDVS - Geelong, VIC

    I won't make any real progress on it this weekend as I'm away, but in the next couple of days I will better understand what I have and what is usable/available.

    I'll throw a heap more pics in here too and then go back to the start of the comments and reach out to those that asked about things to work out what they need and if required bits are available.

  • AshDVSAsh @AshDVS - Geelong, VIC

    Picked it up tonight.

    I'll take more pics of it next week when it's not dark outside.

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