Coolant Tank Reservoir

Hey all (please see attached).

Is this on its way out? If so, should I get it replaced immediately? I was able to scratch into the surface on the LHS, indicated by the white marks.


  • If you want to not have a coolant leak in the future, then yes you should replace the tank.

  • That's the spot where they commonly leak so looks like you have caught it before it becomes a problem. It probably still has some life in it (months not years?) but best to replace it soon.

    I just replaced mine -- they are pretty easy to change if you want to do it yourself. I found the original spring hose clamps didn't seal very well so I ended up replacing all three with worm type hose clamps.

    Because I am cheap I bought a replacement from Aliexpress for about $25. Otherwise you can buy genuine locally for about $80+.

    Looks like you have a S40/V50/C30? There are at least two different types so make sure you get the right one.

  • Thanks guys, I’m going to have a mechanic check it out. Just in addition, I noticed water was dripping from my exhaust this arvo after a shopping run (within a 5km radius)... figured it was just condensation (13 deg) but felt inclined to lift the bonnet and have a look

    Just below the engine (where all the suspension parts are) components are black and greasy - I make out oil on the LHS and some sort of liquid on the other. Definitely not coolant as it was at max when I took the photo of the tank and max this arvo after driving.

    Any clues what’s going (is it related to the tank) on or if this looks normal to you? It’s a 2.4i.

  • Oil leaks are pretty common on the 2.4i S40/V50/C30. It could be engine oil, power steering fluid or CV joint grease (or all of them). Nothing to do with the coolant tank if you aren't seeing any coolant (it usually hisses out of any holes in the tank when hot so is reasonably obvious). Some oil leaks may not be critical but some are best to sort out ASAP before they do damage, so probably best to have the mechanic check it at the same time. Water dripping from your exhaust, particularly now in winter is probably nothing to worry about it.

  • Thanks @johna, I went for a drive earlier and noticed the following (attached). I had the aircon on (not that it was hot) so it could be just that. No leaks from the coolant, certainly wasn’t bursting like you say, but I could smell a ‘sweet’ smell from the engine... but I’m not that familiar with cars so I guess that’s normal. I spotted a bit of moisture on one of the metal hoses towards the back also.

    I’ve had a bad run with cars lately, so I can’t help but freak out a little.

  • I can't tell where the first photo is from but there is an air conditioning drain under around the dashboard area that could be leaving that much water if the air con has been used. If it wasn't that and it is not from recent rain or washing then that looks like enough liquid to be worth some concern. Is it coolant or just water (and is there actually coolant in the cooling system)? A sweet smell is likely coolant.

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