C30 Geartronic soft thud and movement

Hey all, I'm looking at buying a C30 2.4i with auto. I test drove one example and I noticed when engaging the transmission from P to R or P to D, it didn't glide so smoothly and made a soft thud - I could feel some movement from what felt like underneath the car. I checked the engine mounts and they appear fine.

Is this normal for geartronic or a symptom of age/wear/failure? The car has under 100k on it. Thanks.


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    This is kinda normal for these cars, especially if you don't wait for it to drop from fast idle.

    The thud is especially bad if any of the mounts are worn - in particular the lower torque mount which the OE part is very soft. Fitting a stiffer mount helps here.

    I suspect that worn CVs can also play a part too.

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    And get the fluid flushed while the mounts are being replaced.

    A good independent volvo shop can help.

  • Thanks guys. The service book said it just had its major service done with an independent prior to listing - timing belt and so on - so I can only presume the mechanic picked up on these. But the fact it was reacting this way made me wonder.

  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    A service recommendation may be ignored by some as too expensive.

    Some places wouldnt check knowing the owners dont fix such things most of the time and would only check if owner asked about an issue.

    A cursory look wont tell you in most cases either.

  • Wonderful, thanks everyone.

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