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  • Another volvo 360 on the road, been driving it for a week and what a fun little car

  • Hi Lachlan,

    Welcome to the 360 group. You have a neat car and if you look after it you should have many years of satisfying motoring. If you have any queries about maintenance etc don't forget to ask for advice on this forum.

    How a few more photos?


  • iceton1975POM (MARK) @iceton1975 Broadmeadows Victoria

    I have 2 one a hatch and one sedan 360 Turbo with 740 engine and loom and the other B200 carby soon to be 16V

  • iceton1975POM (MARK) @iceton1975 Broadmeadows Victoria
  • iceton1975POM (MARK) @iceton1975 Broadmeadows Victoria

    Here is the Turbo one getting a full respray and some minor surface rust sorted

  • Oi Mark, when is the 360 going to make an appearance? At least you should have a few weeks until the virus rules are relaxed. L

  • Good to see the 300 series getting some love!

    I learnt to drive at 15 in a 1986 360 GLE injection saloon.

    I have had that one.

    A 1984 360 GLE carb saloon I sold.

    Now own a 1986 360 GLE injection special equipment saloon, air con, leather seats, ambient air temp gauge, economy gauge, genuine centre console gauge mount with volvo oil pressure and voltmeter gauges, 80's heko/Volvo wind deflectors (still need to fit them), hella grille and snow trays. I've had it for nearly 8 years and spent 4 years restoring it as the salt on the roads in England kills cars. I think the roof and bonnet were the only panels that didn't need work doing to them! Only on 73k miles too.

    I have a 1988 B230ET engine to go in it and I will be fully polybushing it too, it runs 15x7 ATS cups on Bridgestone proenza adrenalin re002 tyres which are a bloody grippy tyre.

    I have recently bought a 1986 360 GL carb 5 door hatchback which has only done 3k miles in the last 21 years and is a one family car until now on 91k miles.

  • carnut222Greg S @carnut222 Daylesford VIC

    I’ll take the SAAB! :)

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    That's my dad's 9000 2.0 turbo in the very rare colour of willow green. It is a low pressure turbo (150ish hp) with a stage one Jules Holland tune so it has 220hp.

    It is on about 230k miles and is suffering from the usual rust in the rear arches and the front wings. My dad is now restoring it and adding some additions like the wooden anniversary steering wheel and I think he is looking in to a bigger turbo and 3" downpipe then retune.

  • iceton1975POM (MARK) @iceton1975 Broadmeadows Victoria
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