XC60 2010 XC60 D5 AWD (156) 151kW

Has anyone replaced a thermostat on a 2010 XC60 D5 151kw.

My thermostat has stuck open and doesn't get above about 50 deg C. It shows this temperature on 2 separate apps from my ob2. It's not a faulty temp sensor as the other night driving home from work I noticed a high fuel usage and the temperature went up to almost 100. Obviously it was doing a DPF regeneration and I confirmed this as it had gone down 0.17 grams of soot in the DPF.

I've waisted a hell of a lot of time trying to find what thermostat fits this vehicle as different suppliers are saying different thermostats fit it. After many hours on the net looking at pictures etc I've finally decided which one it is and where it is.

From what I guess, it lives at the back of the engine under and to the left of the top turbo charger. It connects with a tube coming from the water pump on one end and the radiator hose on the other. It also has a small pipe that connects to a rubber hose and another pipe that connects to the exhaust manifold or maybe the egr cooler or something.

Has anyone got any ideas if this is correct or have fitted one. It looks like it's going to a bastard of a job to replace this. Really have no idea why a motor company would put a serviceable item in such a rediculass location.. Just for fun, try and find it in the picture.


  • Follow the top radiator hose and you will find the thermostat.

    Volvo sell it as a complete housing with the coolant temp sensor

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    Post your vin number and I'll give you a part number for the thermostat. I guess yours is a twin turbo model

  • No the egr cooler is on the side of the engine where the transmission bolts up. This is definitely the thermostat for the (156) series D5 151kw engine. This thermostat was used from late 2009 to about 2011. I can't remember what chassis number it was used till. After that they used what looks like a black plastic looking thing. But some suppliers are saying the black plastic looking one was used on both T5 and D5. This is why it took me ages to find the correct one. The thermostat on mine is at the back of the 151kW engine , not the front as on the older xc60 engine which had 138kw. The 151kW engine was a totally different engine.

    Picture of the egr cooler included

  • Yeah I was thinking it was the earlier single turbo setup.

  • Here is another pic of the rear of the engine. The thermostat sits almost under the bracket of the crinkled pipe that goes to the egr cooler. It's hard to spot and looks black in pic, but it must be because of the lightning in the pic.

    Also included is a pic of the tube that must run along the rear of the engine and connects to the water pump.

  • Just had a quick look on Vida at replacement procedure, as I am still at work. Phone is running flat but I can post some pictures tomorrow.

    You have to remove the air filter housing, battery and box, complete EGR + throttle body to get access.

    Thermostat itself looks fairly straightforward once you have removed everything else. There's only one bolt holding it to the block.

    You have a surprising amount of room once the battery box is out of your way

  • Thanks very much for that information. Would really appreciate the pictures. I thought I would have had to get access from under the car between the firewall and engine. Good to know I don't need to do this. Once again very much appreciated.

  • Thermostat changes from ch-134999 and ch135000- 69033 is your number so part number is 31368373

    $378.20 + if you txt me i can send a pic for you

    cheers steve

  • Thanks Steve, yeah I found out about the change of thermostats on vin numbers and I brought the thermostat that's supposed to fit my vin. I'm in NZ and our dealer wanted over 500 bucks for one. I ended up buying one off ebay.

    I bought one from a country near Sweden.. Can't remember the name of the country its an aftermarket one so the numbers won't be the same. The one I brought is the same as the one I put in the pic's at the beginning of the thread. I hope it is the right one coz if not I just waisted 200 bucks.

    Now that NZ is in lockdown, and I guess where I brought it from probably are also I'm guessing it's going to be a very long time before I get it.

    When, or if it ever arrives, I'll put put pic's up on the site for future people having trouble finding and replacing this asshole thing.

    Cheers Shayne

  • Steve I just looked up that part number you gave me and it is the same as the one I brought. The thermostat after that vin number I believe is a black plastic looking thing and looks totally different. It also almost looks like it would bolt onto the older 138kw D5 motor on the front of the engine. Some of the sites I looked at also said the black plastic looking one also fits the T5, so I'm not really sure.

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