Some of my builds I am currently undertaking

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Ok so I love my Volvo’s, but also love virtually all vehicles and brands.

Here are some builds I am currently working on. Some are for myself and some are for clients. I always try to create something unique, and rarely use “off the shelf parts” is hard to have a unique talking piece when the guy next door has the same thing.

Beautiful historic Ford Fairlane: (take note of the brand slapped on the turbos compressor housing)

This car is impecable and is being built to a very high standard. All the stainless is 316 grade and I am using lobster-cut pieces to make the system fit....also gives a very special visual aspect.

The motor is currently a very mild 351 however I will be building a 427 stroker for it over the coming months. The car will be running about 1400cc’s of water-methanol mix instead of an intercooler.

Fun BMW E36 drift car: I have built custom manifolds to mount twin turbochargers; each originally from a Saab Aero. This project is all about “having a laugh” and lots of fun. It is not street registered and I love how the turbos stick out of the bonnet. Amongst the many things I built for it was a carbon fibre sunroof replacement, which reduced the mechanism weight from 19kg down to 476grams!

My little 1.7L Honda Civic automatic: I bought this just one week ago, it is a great little car! However although I drive very slowly on the road this car is a little gutless. Saturday I started to install a turbocharger on it, figured it would be done by the end of Sunday, then it poured with so much rain!

it will be running again by this afternoon and will start to do some tuning...again not looking for great power, just a little bit more push if required. Turbo off my C70 HPT (TD04-16T)

I have more projects and more are constantly beginning. Feel free to find my page on Facebook and like my would be great to see some Volvo guys follow along for the ride: 360 Custom Fabrication (on Facebook)



  • SpacSpac @Spac Canberra-ish.

    Wants fast(ish) car, starts with an automatic Civic.

    Something tells me that you are going to fit right in here...

  • ha! The Honda was to daily drive to visit clients, but I had a couple days free this weekend so couldn’t help myself and decided to turbo it...for no other reason!

  • Next thing we know is there'll be a B4194T or S2000 sitting in there.

  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.
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    The same shape Civic Type R was an epic fun thing, I have fond memories of bro inlaws especially four wheel slides around tight corners on the Great Ocean Road.

    (He is a mad Pom,used to race dune buggies. . most competitive man I've ever met, everything is a race....)

  • That bmw looks mad 😎 wouldn't mind seeing more of that . Not on bookface though

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