Targa High Country 2019 10th Anniversary, 850R wagon car No.117

GhettobirdJulian @Ghettobird Melbourne - SE Suburbs
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Hi all!

Neville Emond, Stephen Jones and I are competing again in Targa High country TSD!

After months of careful preparation, Neville has the car perfectly dialled in again and is ready for the big weekend.

We have just finished up the day after scrutineering and drivers briefings.

Its the 10th Anniversary of the event, with the famous Mansfield street stage to be held again on the Saturday of the event (9/11/19)

Its a fantastic event for all the family, so bring your warm jackets and boots and come see the boys pelting the R around the streets of Mansfield!



  • GhettobirdJulian @Ghettobird Melbourne - SE Suburbs

    Off to a frosty start this morning

  • GhettobirdJulian @Ghettobird Melbourne - SE Suburbs

    With day 1 of High country all wrapped up, the boys are sitting in 4th place with a total of 14 points lost.

    With treacherous conditions worsening atop Mount Buller, Officials have decided to cut TS8 from todays 2nd leg, resulting in an early finish to the day.

    Neville has reported exceptional grip from the Kumhos and we are pleased with how the car is performing in the wet.

    Onto tomorrow to chase down 2 Lotuses and a Fiesta 😎

  • GhettobirdJulian @Ghettobird Melbourne - SE Suburbs

    With Targafest drawn to a close, we look back on an astonishing 2nd day where the boys have climbed to 3rd overall in the TSD category.

    After a RallySafe GPS failure during the TS12 Whitfield stage we have been allocated a derived time for the stage (approximated by the days average times) of only 1 point penalty!

    Looking forward to more phenomenal results tomorrow!

  • Great to see the (now) oldest car in the field showing the young-uns how to do it.

  • jamesincJames @jamesinc Oz Volvo Ice Fortress

    Someone brought a 1969 Alpine-Renault A110?? That's epic! Did it compete at all? Not to detract from the great work in the 850, I'm just amazed someone in Australia is putting an A110 into Targa, they're super rare cars over here.

  • GhettobirdJulian @Ghettobird Melbourne - SE Suburbs
    edited November 2019

    They sure did, and they pranged it!

    This afternoon concludes Targa High Country 2019 leaving the boys with a 3rd place podium position!

    The day was not all smooth sailing though, with trying conditions during one of the events longest stretches, but Neville and Stephen kept it together all the way to the top.

    Extra special thanks to Graham and Kareen's support from the very beginning.

    Its been an absolute pleasure running service crew for Nev and Stephen, Looking forward to what next event brings!

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