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240 I stole this from you guys down under and brought it to the McDonald's capital of the world



  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    Nice spot!


  • I see the plate says Washington .... nice location.

  • Yup, Washington State. Picture location was at the Mukilteo Lighthouse Park / Beach in Mukilteo, Washington, USA

    Car is getting the ultimate restoration. Rust will be addressed obviously. But everything is and will be documented about the car. Every nut and bolt replaces, fuel ups, oil changes, EVERYTHING is going to be documented.

    Which reminds me, is there a way Volvo of Australia could do a VIN lookup and gather the cars history? Original dealer, options all that information. Or if anyone has some leads on that, I would greatly appreciate it. Or should I say, I would be keen on the help :)


  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    Kool,please do a restoration and build thread here.

    I would think that documents about the car would be long gone.

    What you could do is contact the Volvovic Club , they may have someone who knows the car . Look up their website.

    @iceton1975 , Mark Iceton is club contact here, he can chime in.

    You never know.

  • Pretty sure you can contact Volvo Cars history department in Sweden and they can give you the original build info for the car if you provide the VIN. You can “decode” the VIN using a site such as this one:

  • Ogamer777Ethan @Ogamer777 Washington, USA
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    Thanks for the reply, guys.

    Full restoration and any documentation will go here, definitely.

    I'll try contacting Sweden and see if they can help me.

    I tried that link for the VIN decoder. Seems an Australian VIN won't work there since it's a 12 character VIN.

  • bgpzfm142bgpzfm142 @bgpzfm142 Launceston TAS
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    The OZ market cars (43) used the European type VIN system for YM79 cars.

    The 242GT register thread on Turbobricks shows examples of US and Euro type VINs on these cars.

  • Yep check out the last post on that thread ;)

    Contacted Volvo of Sweden for history lookup. Awaiting a response from a non-robot.

  • I think the volvo parts manuals in the archive include details the allow you to decide the VIN.

  • Ogamer777Ethan @Ogamer777 Washington, USA
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    Just an update for those interested: Volvo Cars USA reached out and let me know they are looking into the history for me to see if they can dig up any info.

    Thanks I didn't think to check the archives.

    Edit: checked the archives, didn't see anything mentioning VIN at all.

  • Edit: checked the archives, didn't see anything mentioning VIN at all.

    I know it's in one of the manuals - and in the 240 / 260 Pocket Book.

    US/Canada and "other markets" vehicle ID codes are covered.


  • Hey thanks a lot for finding that for me!

    Ok so, according to the decoder, here is what my car came with from the factory:

    VIN: 2428M1161875

    Body style: 242

    Engine: ???

    Transmission: BW55

    Model year: 1979

    MFG code: Sweden (VTV/VTM)

    Chassis number: 161875

    Seems there is no engine code for B23E. Apparently the VIN didn't have a designated character slot for engine codes in Australia at least.

    Also weird to me, the VIN indicates the car was built with a BW55 from the factory, which contradicts what I've been told / researched. I was under the assumption that NO GTs came with an automatic transmission from the factory. Which leads me to believe that this car was a special order. I'll have to verify the other informative plates throughout the body after work. Very eager to do so!

    Thanks again, everyone!

  • B23 had engine code '8' in 1979, they were fitted in the Euro and 'other markets' cars. The B21 was fitted to US spec 242GTs back then.

  • Ogamer777Ethan @Ogamer777 Washington, USA
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    Yeah I knew that bit, but was mainly going off the decoder and how 8 isn't listed. From what I understand, it's the B23E (high compression) with H cam and forged internals from the factory. 405 head (best overall kjet head).

    The automatic transmission is really throwing me off since there isn't much information on a GT coming stock with one. So I wonder if since it's a factory automatic, the CR is different than a B23E with a manual mated to it?

  • Unlikely. I recall that legend has it autos were dealer fitted to satisfy some owners and not ex factory.

  • Ogamer777Ethan @Ogamer777 Washington, USA
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    That's what I thought as well. Maybe the VIN decoder is incorrect? It shows it was fitted with a BW55. I assume they didn't change the VIN after the dealer would have swapped everything over. I could be totally wrong though.

    Anyway about the history lookup, seems the car is too old for their systems and they don't have any records that far back apparently. I'm not giving up.

  • In 1979, the chassis ID (or VIN, if you like) didn't identify the transmission type.

    The '8' before the 'M' in the chassis ID indicates it's a B23. As I mentioned, they used '8' to identify B23 back then, and the US-centric Green Books (in English) of that period don't mention the B23 engine in 1979, because it didn't exist in the US market then.

    See that '8' which has been circled? In the 'version type' box?

    That's where they indicate it's auto trans. You can see it's been modified from being a '2' (manual transmission) originally.

  • Thanks for clearing that up. Didn't know '79 didn't include the transmission code. And makes sense since B23 wasn't in US yet.

    I'll take a peek and see if mine was altered as well. Currently participating in a poker run, which is essentially a rolling car show. 1967 and older vehicles only. I can share pics with anyone interested!

  • Ex850RSnoopy @Ex850R Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Melbourne.

    Yes please put up a seperate thread of the Poker Run with lots of pix.

  • Thanks so much, this just taught me something new about the car. As you can see in the pics, the number was originally a 2 and was ground down and stamped in place with an 8. Very cool they did that.

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