940 & 960 "Ron", Burgundy Volvo 940 GLE [1993]

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A friend is helping me get this car up and running after sitting in a guy's front yard for around 10 years, only briefly driven to move houses once or twice. 199,701km on the clock when I bought it, engine sounds to be happy once it warms up.

Now that it's with me, it's first getting all it's fluids changed and fresh tyres and battery. Poor bugger is still home bound until we can get it blue slipped and road legal again but we've come across a mystery to solve.

At the moment we are having trouble with what we thought was the alternator, got another matching part and installed that but the engine still cuts out when you disconnect the battery. **Check the comments, because my mate is likely to jump in with the technical info**.

We checked the alternator and "the exciter wire seems to be giving 3v which is lower than it should be". Next up he is going to check the cluster behind the dashboard to make sure that isn't.. uh.. doing something circuit related.

Not going to add photos until I can get it to a carwash, it's still covered in leaves temporarily. 😅



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